Dog Food Secrets – Is Dog Food Bad for Dogs?

There is a growing concern among dog owners that commercial dog food is doing serious harm to our beloved pets. Dog nutrition experts are even starting to recommend going completely natural and making your own dog food, instead of buying it.

The book ’Dog Food Secrets’, by Andrew Lewis, explores this topic from a variety of different angles. Andrew claims store-bought dog food can cause serious health problems, even cancer, because of the dangerous chemical ingredients that companies use in order to make dog food last longer and keep costs down.

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dog food bad for dogs

What is ‘Dog Food Secrets’?

Dog Food Secrets is one of the most downloaded books of all time on the topic of dog nutrition, written by Andrew Lewis.

The main book serves a double purpose. The primary goal is to be an eye-opener and expose the dog food industry for what the author claims it does. Slowly poisoning dogs. The second goal is showing you how to prepare delicious, healthy homemade meals and treats for your pet, which the book guarantees will keep your dog healthy and even prolong his lifespan.

There are three different packages available for purchase. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All three of them contain the famous eBook, which is just under 100 pages long. Even by taking the cheapest bronze offer at $27, you will receive two additional books which will teach you more about taking care of your dog.

dog food secrets book

About the Author

Andrew Lewis is an experienced and accomplished nutritional expert. After his 4-year-old beagle died from kidney failure, caused by the preservatives in commercial dog food, he decided to research the subject.

What he found out was shocking. Preservatives aren’t the only reason that dog food is harmful to our canines. After 7 years of extensive consultation with the leading medical experts, he has gathered enough knowledge to write a book which has, since then, helped thousands of dog owners save their companion’s lives.

What is Inside ‘Dog Food Secrets’?

There are three available packages to purchase.

  • Bronze Package contains products #1-3, for the price of $27
  • Silver Package is made up of #1-4, which will cost you $47
  • Gold Package has 11 products total, meaning you get all the ones from Bronze and Silver with an additional 7 bonus resources on how to nurture your dog. It’s normally priced at $147 but is currently available on a limited time offer for only $47
dog food secrets package

Product Details

#1 – Dog Food Secrets 4th Edition

We mentioned the main book above. This is a must-read for any dog owners who truly care about their pets and their wellbeing. It will show you the hidden secrets of the dog food industry and teach you how to keep your dog healthy and alive.

#2 – 23 Healthy & Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes

An eBook with over 34 pages, teaching you the recipes for some healthy and nutritious doggy treats. However, these aren’t meant to be used as your pup’s main meals. You should make these special food servings as rewards for training and good behavior or for special occasions.

#3 -Canine Diet Changeover Guide

This is an essential read if you’re planning to use the advice you learned from the main book and change your dog’s diet to a more healthy one.

Making radical changes to a dog’s diet won’t hurt him in the long run but may cause him to have ‘explosive’ tummy problems for a short period of time.

To avoid this, Andrew has provided us with a guide on how to slowly introduce a healthy nutritional diet into our dog’s lives.

#4 -Homemade All-Natural Shampoos & Soaps for the Dirty Dog

Most store-bought shampoos for dogs aren’t really healthy. The chemicals they contain might irritate and damage their skin and fur. Not to mention they are ridiculously expensive.

For above reasons, we think it’s best that you wash your dog with a homemade natural shampoo. Those are cheap and easy to make, but most importantly are healthier for your dog.

In this book, you will find the recipes and advice for making the best cleaning products for your dog.

#5 – FREE updates to your Dog Food Secrets book

Dog Food Secrets is now on its 4th edition. Each new version brings more information, all of the latest research and it’s carefully updated to give you the best advice on dog food.

This offer means that you get lifetime access to any new information and content Andrew decides to add to the whole package. It will help you stay up to date with your dog’s nutritional needs, without you having to pay ever again.

#6 – Pack Your Puppy With Power

Dogs are the healthiest while they are young. As an owner, your responsibility is to keep them that way for the rest of their lives.

This book teaches you how to properly feed your new puppy from the day he is born. By following the healthy, natural procedures outlined in this book, you will ensure that your dog gets the best start in life and grows up to have a strong, healthy body.

#7 Homemade Canine Supplements

Many dogs are missing certain nutritional needs in their diet. Even some of the more experienced dog owners are neglecting this part of the canine nutrition process.

This eBook teaches you how to make your own natural supplements and how to properly add them to your dog’s diet. It will help you make sure that your dog is getting all the possible vitamins and minerals he needs. You won’t find those in a lot of commercial dog foods.

#8 – Recipes for Dogs With Special Needs

At some point in their lives, many dogs are going to have some special needs. There are often minor health issues your pup has that may require a different diet or eliminating certain foods. Knowing how to prepare special foods to help your pet through the healing process is going to be valuable information.

Your dog won’t experience all the scenarios described in this book, but you may find you have to use one or two of these recipes during his lifetime.

#9 – Homemade All-Natural Remedies for the Unwell Wolf

In case you don’t want to visit a vet every time your dog is facing a common ailment, you will definitely find this book useful.

It gives you a list of natural medicine that you can make yourself at home. These are great for people who don’t want to give their dogs medications each time they scratch or sneeze.

#10 – Homemade Happiness For The Hungry Hound

In this book, you will find over 180 recipes that satisfied readers have shared with the author. They are all well-tested and were hand-picked for this book.

These are not full meals but special treats that dogs will go crazy about and were designed to make them incredibly happy.

#11 The Confidential Dog Food Report 2nd Edition

(The 9 very best ultra-healthy dog food brands in all of North America)

After doing extensive research with his team, Andrew managed to find only 9 companies in North America that make dog food that doesn’t poison your dogs.

They are still less healthy than the homemade natural recipes you learn about in the previous books, but they can be useful to keep on hand in case you don’t have the time to make your dog a meal at any given moment.

This book also provides additional ‘dirty laundry’ on the dog food industry and analyzes many of the popular brands, showing you which ones you can potentially trust.

Why Every Caring Dog Owner Needs This

Your dog’s health is your responsibility. You need to know what your dog is eating. Many companies creating dog food are lying about their ingredients. They add chemicals to make it more addictive, preservatives to make it last longer and, most importantly, they use substitutes and fillers instead of real meat.

Also, homemade food is great for dogs with special diet needs. If they are allergic, lacking protein or need to cut down on fat, you will be able to make them a special meal suited just for them.

A dog’s diet is similar to a human diet in the sense that it needs to be nutritionally balanced and predominantly made with real foods. In order to live a long, healthy, and happy life, a dog needs to have variety in his nutrition and limit the amount of processed commercial food.

Who Is It Not Suitable For?

We have to admit, making dog meals at home has its own set of inconveniences.

Homemade dog food will take up more of your time than you’re expecting. Buying ingredients can also turn out to be more expensive than buying commercial dog food, depending on the brand.

If you don’t have the time to put in to shop for the ingredients and make your dog’s food then this may not be the right product for you. Although, you will still learn a lot about what are the best types of dog food to feed your pup.

Luckily, the book does address these issues by giving you advice on how to be more effective.

  • Buying ingredients in a bulk for lower pricing.
  • Making larger quantities of food and then freezing it.
  • Making dry food which can last for months without getting spoiled.


Why is commercial dog food bad for my dog?

It contains dangerous additives and chemicals. Those are put in there to make it last longer on the shelves and it’s all done with the goal of making the company profits bigger. Some of them are also carcinogenic.

Are All Commercial Dog Foods Bad?

No. In his ‘Confidential Dog Food Report’, which is listed as product #11 in the package, Andrew elaborates on the different commercial brands and also tells us which 9 brands we can trust.

Why Consider Homemade Dog Food?

If you feel bad about poisoning your dog with commercial dog food and you want him to live a long and happy life, then you should buy the ‘Dog Food Secrets’ package and learn all about making homemade dog food for your pup.

While it might be easy to just pick a bag of dry dog food off the shelf and stick it in your dog’s bowl at meal time, this is probably not the best way to keep your pup healthy and happy.

Get Your Copy Now!

Dog Food Secrets is the most complete and informative material on the topic of dog nutrition that we have found. Andrew Lewis shows us the well-kept secrets of the dog food industry and the right way to nurture our canine companions.

If you want to become an expert on taking care of your dog, the Gold package is currently great value for money. Get it here now.