How Joey’s PAW is Helping Dogs with Special Needs Become Mobile Again

Are you looking for ways to help handicapped dogs? The easiest way to offer your donation or skills is by reaching out to charity organizations.

Joey’s PAW is a well-known non-profit organization covering partial and complete costs of prosthetics and wheelchairs for dogs.

Find out more about Joey’s PAW, how they started, and what they do. Be inspired by their story and learn how you can volunteer or sponsor them.

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dog with wheelchair

Who are They?

Joey’s PAW (Joey’s Prosthetic and Wheels) is an organization based in Pennsylvania that helps furry friends who need prosthetics or wheelchairs. 

The charity accepts donations from dog lovers who have a soft spot for dogs with disabilities. These dogs may have experienced traumatic injuries from accidents, K9 responsibilities, abuse, or diseases. 

Joey’s PAW assists with the cost of their equipment so that all furry friends can run, jump, and live a meaningful life despite being differently abled.

The 501(c)(3) charity is headed by the president, Tanya Diable, who was recently awarded the National INDIE Excellence Awards Children’s Non-Fiction Winner for her book “Bow Tie Boone”. She’s also a volunteer for children’s hospitals and the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Its vice president, Charlie Diable, is the wife of Tanya. They are a family of dog lovers with six dogs, hoping to help more dogs run and walk freely. 

How They Started

Tanya Diable started the non-profit organization in their home sweet home out of a deep hope for making a difference for dogs with disabilities. 

The charity president aims to provide full assistance to furry friends who require assistance in mobility. She wants to cover the total cost of dogs’ prosthetics and wheelchairs without receiving any profit on her end.

With the help of her husband, Charlie Diable, who is also vice president, Tanya wishes to touch the lives of dogs with special needs and their parents.

Joey’s PAW is undoubtedly a huge instrument in giving disabled dogs a second chance to enjoy their lives. 

What They Do

Joey’s PAW covers the partial or full cost of dogs’ wheelchairs and prosthetics with the help of sponsors and donors. 

They work alongside Ruff Rollin WheelChairs for Dogs and for the wheelchairs. For the prosthetics, these items are supplied by Petsthetics.

If you have a handicapped pooch who needs help, you can request a wheelchair here or email them at

The charity group also obtains help from its sponsors. They accept tax-deductible donations through PayPal and PayPal subscriptions. 

Another source of funds for prosthetics is Shop Joey. The organization’s online shop sells dog bow ties, apparel, rings, and other cute items.

All sales of Shop Joey go directly to the charity. 

Joey’s PAW also holds fundraising activities, outreach and networking, and other events that will help more special needs dogs in the country. 

Currently, the charity is in partnership with actor and police officer Justin Melnick of CBS’s Seal Team to help retired law enforcement and military dogs who were injured and in need of wheelchairs and prosthetics.

How Can You Help Them?

Are you interested in helping Tanya and Charlie’s dream of providing more hope for disabled furry friends? There are several ways you can offer your service without giving money.

Volunteer your skills through any of the following:

  • public speaking
  • fundraising
  • grant writing
  • outreach and networking
  • photography
  • soliciting donations
  • thank you card writing
  • video of events
  • public speaking.

Joey’s PAW offers many methods that allow you to provide monetary donations to their program.

You can buy from the official Joey’s PAW merchandise on their online store.

Offer your donation through PaPal and Paypal Subscription. The organization has its full check details on their website.

The charity organization also accepts sponsorships to help more handicapped dogs. 

Lastly, Joey’s PAW is an Amazon affiliate. Whenever you shop on AmazonSmile, the eCommerce site donates 0.5% of the price of your purchases to the organization. 

Lend Your Support to Handicapped Dogs Now!

Nothing feels better than doing your part in helping special needs dogs. Despite past injuries and accidents, these furry friends deserve a second chance at life.

Contribute to Joey’s PAW’s mission by donating. You can also buy from their merchandise or volunteer your event planning or writing skills.

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