Help Muttville Change How the World Views Senior Dogs

No dog should be left behind, especially senior dogs. Muttville is one organization that aims to dismantle the belief that older dogs are unadoptable and should be euthanized instead.

This organization rescues senior dogs from shelters until they find their forever homes.

Find out how you can change other people’s views of senior dogs through Muttville. You’ll also learn how the organization started and how you can donate to them.

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help senior dogs with Muttville

Who is Muttville?

Muttville is a senior dog rescue team that has rescued seniors for fifteen years. The company believes that a sick and old furry friend still deserves to live a comfortable and happy life despite their circumstances.

All these pups really need is a bit of assistance going up the stairs, more regular check-ups, and maybe a new diet. They do not need to move from one home to another because of their situation.

Most importantly, senior dogs don’t need to be euthanized only because they can’t do things the way they used to.

They can still play with you, but not as much as before. They can still enjoy walking, but a slower and shorter one is easier on their body.

That’s why Muttville reaches out to help senior dogs whose owners can’t give them the care they deserve. They help these sweet creatures find loving forever homes.

Muttville promises no dog should have their last day in a shelter.

To date, Muttville has successfully rescued 10,068 dogs. How amazing is that?

How They Started?

Muttville started in 2007. Its founder and CEO, Sherri Franklin, has been an animal advocate for a long time. She was also a shelter volunteer when she first established her organization.

Sherri started the charity to focus more on older dogs. She noticed the stigma against these furry friends and wanted to be part of the solution.

But instead of just being “part” of the solution, she led it. She proved that senior dogs are not unadoptable and don’t need to be routinely euthanized in shelters.

Even when she didn’t have an office, Sherri Franklin was able to adopt 27 dogs during the first year of Muttville. 

As funny as it sounds, she wanted to “make senior dogs sexy,” which became a booming trend. Muttville became a favorite organization and even a national model in the Bay Area.

What Do Muttville Do?

Muttville rescues senior dogs from routine euthanasia procedures in shelters. In 2021 alone, the volunteers were able to rescue 1073 older dogs. 

They were able to do that despite the pandemic restrictions. Muttville agrees that more senior dogs become at risk when illness and economic crises occur.

Cuddle Club is the name for their senior mutt hangout, which was able to conduct in-person events. 

What’s more, Muttville has a cage-free facility, the first in the country. They also conduct foster programs, on-site veterinary suites, and hospice programs. 

Muttville also educates the public about changing the way we view senior dogs. Sherri Franklin continues to speak at conferences about the plight of older dogs, how they have helped resolve that, and how more people can volunteer for the cause. 

Muttville currently has 536 active participants. They even have a microsurgeon who has provided 437 soft tissue surgeries.

How Can You Help Muttville?

You can help Muttville in different ways. Let’s look at some of them below.


If you want a convenient way to help, you can make a one-time monetary donation through their website or by sending a check. You can also choose to be a Mutt Guardian.

Being a Mutt Guardian entails a monthly donation to Muttville. Everything goes to their 15 senior dogs and the building of the organization’s “forever home.” 

You might also pay tribute to a loved one through their personalized e-card.


Another way you can help Muttville is by becoming a volunteer. Be one with the organization in rescuing senior dogs and providing the care they need.


Becoming a foster fur parent and adopting are the two other ways you can help Muttville. You need to complete a questionnaire and wait for their response.

Muttville will reach out to you through a meeting in a video chat or in-person. 


Naturally, the best way you can help Muttvill is through adoption. You can visit their website to check the available Mutts that are just waiting for you to bring them home!

You can also check Muttville’s calendar for upcoming adoption events so you can get a chance to meet all these adorable senior dogs. 

They are also looking for special fur parents willing to adopt fur babies that are in need of hospice care, and they have a Seniors for Seniors program. 

Make Waves on Social Media

Lastly, you can help by raising awareness for Muttville and senior dogs on social media. Here’s a list of their social media pages that you can follow:

Help Senior Dogs With Muttville

Old dogs are like an old pair of shoes. They can get out of shape, but they still fit well.

Muttville is an organization that offers a foster and adoption program for senior dogs. They also rescue older dogs in shelters that are about to be euthanized. 

Be an advocate for senior dogs now! You can donate to Muttville or fill out their adoption questionnaire to be part of their cause. 

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