National Boston Terrier Day 2023 | The Unstoppable Cuteness of the American Gentleman

Great news for all you Boston Terrier lovers out there!

You have the perfect opportunity to honor this affectionate and entertaining breed every year.

Whether you’re a Boston Terrier owner, admirer, or simply love dogs, mark your calendar and get ready to celebrate everything that makes these pups so special.

Find out when you can celebrate National Boston Terrier Day and what you can do to enjoy this day with your beautiful Boston.

Happy National Boston Terrier Day!

When is National Boston Terrier Day?

We celebrate National Boston Terrier Day every year on February 19th. 

This holiday commemorates the Boston Terrier, a special dog breed that has been around since the late 1800s. 

While we don’t know how this holiday started, we welcome the chance to celebrate this wonderful breed.

The Boston terrier is an energetic breed known for its coat that looks like a tuxedo jacket. It has a white coat with a huge, black jacket-like patch in the middle. 

They are also famous for their big, round eyes and short tails. 

With their short tails always wagging, Bostons move as if they are dancing.

Their noble attitude has earned them the nickname “The American Gentleman.” 

Some famous Boston Terriers you might have seen in movies include Nubbin, Nip, and Tuck in The Back-Up Plan. 

You’ll also find them in Feast, Hotel for Dogs, and Hector and the Search for Happiness.

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Boston Terrier Day

How to Celebrate National Boston Terrier Day

Get ready to show some love for the tuxedo-wearing, playful and affectionate Boston Terriers on February 19th. 

Play Find the Treat with Your Boston Terrier

Find a Treat is an indoor game that provides mental stimulation for your pet. 

Show them a treat, hide it in one of three cups, and then mix the cups around. 

Let your Boston Terrier find the cup with the treat, then reward them. 

Play Fetch with Your Boston Terrier

Fetch is one of the Boston Terriers’ favorite games. It is rewarding for both you and your dog. 

Don’t forget to use treats to reward your Boston for chasing the ball or frisbee. It will teach your pooch what you expect of them.  

Have a Pamper Day with Your Boston Terrier

A spa treatment with your Boston Terrier will show them how much you care. Start with a massage, rubbing their head to their torso in small circles.

Also, give your Boston a pedicure and warm bath. Clip their nails, paint them with safe nail polish, and use a sweet-smelling shampoo during their bath. 

Finish the pamper day with a relaxing brush. Remove any knots and tangles from their coat

Adopt a Boston Terrier

If you still don’t have a Boston Terrier, National Boston Terrier Day is the best time to get one. Adopt one from your local shelter and change one life for the better. 

Host a Boston Terrier Meetup

Hosting a Boston Terrier meetup can be a fun way to celebrate National Boston Terrier Day with fellow dog owners and their pups.

Reach out to local Boston Terrier groups or clubs in your area or create your own group on social media to invite other Boston Terrier owners to join.

You can also reach out to other dog owners and friends and ask if they’d like to come and meet your furry friend.

During the meetup, encourage the dogs to socialize and play while their owners chat and get to know each other.

You can also organize fun activities like a group walk, a game of fetch, or a photo session to capture the memories of the day.

Unique Gifts for Boston Terrier Dog Lovers

If you’re looking for unique gifts you can give a friend or a family member who loves Boston Terriers, here’s a quick list:

The Boston Terrier Handbook – new Boston Terrier owners will definitely benefit from this awesome handbook.

Cosmetic Bags for Boston Terrier Moms – this is an ideal gift for the best BT mom you know.

Boston Terrier Salt & Pepper Shakers – this is the perfect housewarming gift for friends who have BTs in their lives.

Boston Terrier Passport – who knew pets could have their own passports, right? This BT Passport can hold records of vaccinations, vet visits, medications, and more.

Unique Gifts for Boston Terriers

Here are some presents that your Boston Terrier will surely appreciate. 

Aelflane Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy

This unique treat dispenser has a special structure that controls your Boston Terrier’s eating speed. 

Not only is it good for digestion. But it also keeps your furry friend occupied. They will enjoy rolling and playing with the item until a treat leaks. 

Nature Gnaws Beef Trachea for Dogs

Your Boston Terrier deserves an out-of-this-world treat this National Boston Terrier Day. These treats from Nature Gnaws are made with beef bones.

It’s tasty, savory, and rewarding. But make sure to cut each treat into two so that it will fit their tiny mouths. 

Pet Massager for Dogs

This pet massager for dogs will complete their ultimate pamper day. 

It soothes sore, aching muscles after a long day of playing and running. The massager also promotes relaxation and calmness for hyperactive Boston Terriers. 

The History and Origins of the Boston Terrier Dog Breed

Let’s look back on the rich history of the Boston Terrier that led to this celebration of Boston Terrier Day.

The Burnett House is the birthplace of the Boston Terrier. It was a 13-bedroom French Empire mansion built in Southborough, Massachusetts in 1847 for Joseph Burnett. 

His son, Edward, owned an all-white Bulldog who was bred to Hooper’s Judge, an English import believed to be an English Bulldog x White English Terrier.

The only puppy birthed, Well’s Eph, became the early progenitor of the breed called Boston Terrier.

The breed name was changed to Boston Terrier in recognition of the city where they were developed. 

In 1893 the AKC registered the Boston Terrier, the first US breed they recognized.

Characteristics of a Boston Terrier

Let’s look at the key traits of the Boston Terrier breed.

Boston Terrier dog breed

The Boston is a small breed with a flat, broad chest. Their head is square and flat on top with a short muzzle.

Boston Terriers have bat-like ears and smooth coats with either brindle, black, or white markings. 

These adorable dogs are very affectionate, they are good with young children, and other dogs. They are also friendly to strangers, and make friends easily.

Boston Terriers as a Family Pet

Boston Terriers make fantastic family pets because they are easy to maintain and train. Their positive temperament is a bonus.

Good With Kids

Boston Terriers are gentle with small children and energetic with school-aged kids. They have a fun yet light personality, making them safe companions.

Boston Terriers love to play fetch and other interactive games. Teach your kid the right way to play with Boston Terriers – or any dog breed.

Good With Seniors

Boston Terriers are terrific companions for seniors because of the same gentle yet fun disposition. They have a deep love for companionship that will satisfy seniors’ mental and emotional needs. 

Bostons also make excellent motivation for seniors to stay active. They will be happy with a short walk or a friendly game of fetch. 

Easy to Train

Boston Terriers are intelligent. You can quickly train them if you start early.

You can start training your Boston Terrier as early as possible, during their puppyhood. Because they are intelligent, adult Boston Terriers can also be re-trained.

Socialization is also recommended to make training more efficient. Boston Terriers are social dogs, and if they  

Just like with any dog breed, treats and praises are essential to keep Boston Terriers motivated. Do not use a punishment method on these dogs because they might get stubborn. 

Easy to Groom

Boston Terriers are the best family pets because they lack the needed grooming. Their short coats rarely shed.

No need to spend hours grooming their coat. All you have to do is bathe them and clip their nails regularly. 

Boston Terriers also do not drool a lot, so you don’t have to worry about their saliva getting all over your furniture.

Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers

Massachusetts is the Number One Fan of Boston Terriers

The state of Massachusetts is a massive lover of Boston Terriers. In fact, they made them their state dog on May 14, 1979.

This idea was proposed by Gregory W. Sullivan, to which many people instantly agreed.

First US Breed

The American Kennel Club had already recognized many breeds before the Boston Terrier. But the Boston Terrier was the first American breed. 

They are also considered the first non-sporting dog breed recognized in the country. 

Many Nicknames

Boston Terriers are known by many names. They were called the “Round Headed Bull” because of the shape of their head.

The Boston Terrier is also known as an “American Gentleman” because of their politeness and sweet nature. 

Some breeders also call Bostons “Boston Bull Terriers” because they are a cross-breed between English Bulldogs and English Terriers.

Originally Bred to Hunt

Boston Terriers were originally bred to hunt – specifically rats. They hunted these tiny pests effectively because of their small bodies and ferocious attitude. 

These dogs also excelled as fighters before becoming domesticated. They were also good at flyball, which required speed and coordination.

Not Classified as Terriers

Unlike Jack Russell Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers, Boston Terriers are not really terriers. 

The breed’s name originated from a bull and terrier dog named Hooper’s Judge that was bred with a white bulldog. Then more breeders further refined it.

The American Kennel Club does not classify the breed as a terrier despite its long origin. Instead, it’s recognized as a non-sporting dog breed. 

Boston Terriers Can Swim

Boston Terriers can swim short distances for a short time. They can stay afloat despite their short face and stout figure. 

The Boston Terrier’s size and weight won’t pull it down in the water, making it easy to train the breed in water.

Find out more about Boston Terriers’ ability to swim. 

The Boston Terrier is a playful, loyal, and well-mannered dog. It’s an excellent choice for families who want an energetic companion.

National Boston Terrier Day is an excellent day to celebrate your Boston Terrier. Or if you don’t have a Boston yet, it’s the perfect day to adopt one. 

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