National Boxer Day 2023 | How to Celebrate With Your Dog

Get ready to paw-ty, because January 17th is National Boxer Dog Day!

This holiday is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the unique characteristics and lovable quirks of these amazing dogs.

Whether you own a Boxer or just love the breed, take this day to show your appreciation and support for these furry friends!

When is National Boxer Day?

Every year on January 17th we celebrate National Boxer Day in honor of this beautiful and loyal breed.

This is a relatively new holiday that started in 2020. The Woof Book is a famous Facebook community of dog lovers from all over the world. They have over 2,300 members in their community. 

On their group description, The Woof Book Group describes themselves as the gathering place on Facebook for fur parents who are looking for a safe, welcoming space where they can flex their fur babies and socialize with other members. 

The Woof Book started National Boxer Day as a part of their National Dog Breed Day initiative. 

This is a great holiday to celebrate not just for Boxer fur parents, but also for Boxer lovers and enthusiasts across the globe. 

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National Boxer Dog Day

How to Celebrate National Boxer Day

You can celebrate National Boxer Day by giving your Boxers extra love, treats, and extra playtime today. But if you want to step up your game, here are some ideas.

Take Your Boxer on a Special Outing

Boxers are highly energetic. They love to move around and engage in activities that will stimulate them. 

On this very special occasion, you can take them out on a fun outing.

  • Take them to a dog park for a date.
  • Stay overnight in a pet-friendly hotel that caters to dogs.
  • Go on a walking tour around your city.
  • Go on a swimming trip in a nearby lake, or set up a pool in your backyard.
  • Meet up with other Boxers for a playdate.

Throw Your Boxer a Party

There’s no party like a Boxer party, and this special holiday is as good of an excuse as any. 

Throw your Boxer a party and give them a good time. You can even invite their other furry friends.

Buy Your Boxer a New Toy

If there’s anything Boxers love (aside from you, of course) – it’s toys. The best toys for Boxers are interactive toys that stimulate their brain and help them keep busy and entertained. 

Here are a few suggestions if you want to spoil your Boxer:

  • A Stuffed Friend/Chew Toy – these cute dog-safe plush toys are great for a Boxer who loves to chew. The squeaky sound means it can double as an interactive training tool as well. 
  • An Indestructible Chew Toy – if your Boxer is an aggressive chewer, an indestructible chew toy makes a great gift. This particular chew toy is beef-flavored, so your Boxer will surely enjoy it. It’s like having a bottomless treat!
  • An Interactive Treat Puzzle – this one will keep your Boxer entertained for hours. It’s a great toy puzzle they can play with while you’re away. As your Boxer solves the puzzle, they get the treats. It’s a perfect stimulant to keep their minds busy.

Advocate for Boxers

If you do not have a Boxer at home, there are a few other ways you can celebrate.

Advocate for Boxers by letting your voice be heard. Stand up against the stigma against Boxers, and help educate people just how lovely this breed can be.

Boxers have a bad reputation for being fighting dogs. Boxers are often associated with fighting because they were originally bred for the sport of dogfighting. 

However, it is important to note that this is no longer a legal or socially acceptable activity, and most Boxers today are not trained or used for fighting.

Unfortunately, this has created a stigma against Boxers, causing them to be abandoned in the streets or left in high-kill shelters.

This negative reputation of Boxers as fighting dogs is largely a stereotype that is not based on reality. 

While some individuals may still train and use Boxers for illegal fighting activities, the vast majority of Boxers are loving pets that are well-behaved and gentle with their families.

Boxers are generally good-natured. They love people, they love kids, and with proper training, they do well around other dogs too. 

You can head to social media and advocate for the proper training and care for Boxers. Use #NationalBoxerDay to help raise awareness.

Foster Boxer Dogs

Foster Boxer Dogs

You can also do your part by fostering Boxer dogs that are currently in shelters. Boxer dogs are listed as the top 4 dog breeds surrendered in shelters

Because of the stigma mentioned above, and the lack of research about the breed can lead some owners to poor decision making that leads to them abandoning or surrendering their Boxers.

However, just like with any dog breed, Boxers deserve a good life. You can celebrate National Boxer Day by applying to be a foster parent to a Boxer from a local shelter – or better yet, adopt one.

The American Boxer Club has a list of all the U.S. Boxer Rescue Websites here.

Unique Gifts for Boxer Dog Lovers

If you’re looking to give a gift to a friend who loves Boxers this holiday, here are a few ideas.

Metal Tin Sign – A Boxer’s House Rules

Metal Tin Signs A Boxer's House Rules Funny Boxer Dog Lover Horizontal Poster for Birthday, Christmas, X-Mas, Halloween Man cave Decoration 12x8 inch

This is a perfect gift for any Boxer owner out there. It’s funny, witty and most of all it helps them express their love for their Boxers.

Late for the Sky Boxer-opoly

Late for the Sky Boxer-opoly

Who doesn’t love a game of Monopoly, right? Well, the game just got more fun and interesting with Boxer-opoly. This is a fun holiday gift that everyone will love.

Honey Dew Gifts – A Spoiled Boxer Lives Here

Honey Dew Gifts A Spoiled Boxer Lives Here 5 inch by 10 inch Hanging Wood Sign Home Decor, Wall Art, Boxer Dog Gifts

Express your love for your Boxer and help everyone understand just how spoiled your furbaby is with this hanging sign. You can hang it on your patio, on your door, or just about anywhere in your home.

Brindle Boxer Picture Frame

Brindle Boxer Picture Frame Holds Your Favorite 2.5 by 3.5 Inch Photo, Hand Painted Realistic Looking Boxer Stands 6 Inches Tall Holding Beautifully Crafted Frame, Unique and Special Boxer Gifts for Boxer Owners

An adorable Boxer holding your furbaby’s photo? That’s exactly what you get with the Brindle Boxer Picture Frame. It makes for a perfect gift for yourself, or for a loved one.

Sorry the Dog Farted Candle

Dog Mom Gifts for Women, Dog Lovers Gifts for Women, Men, Funny Dog Candles for Dog Lovers, Dog Candle, Dog Dad Gifts for Men, Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers, Pet Mom, Fur Mamas, Rescue, Made in The USA

This fun one makes a great gift for any occasion. Light it up whenever your dog farts and give everyone a laugh.

The History and Origins of the Boxer Dog Breed

The Boxer breed originated in Germany with the cross-breeding of the now extinct Bullenbeisser breed (“bull biter”), a large dog used for big game hunting, with the Old English Bulldog, a smaller mastiff-type breed. 

Despite their ancestors being bred for hunting and the cruel sport of bull-baiting, Boxers have worked in a variety of jobs, as butcher dogs, cattle dogs, war dogs, police dogs, and guard dogs. 

They were used during World War I to carry messages and supplies, and as guard dogs. But it wasn’t until after World War II that Boxers became popular around the world, as returning soldiers brought them home.

Characteristics of a Boxer

The Boxer has a sleek, short coat and a naturally muscular frame, giving them an athletic appearance – which they are. 

In fact, it is believed they are called “Boxers” because they move like boxers, on their hind legs with front paws up.

The Boxer is an extremely appealing breed due to their wrinkled foreheads and bright, inquisitive eyes.

Boxers are highly intelligent and they have high energy levels. They love to keep active and busy. 

A Boxer’s temperament will depend on their breeding. However, they generally like to be in the company of their owners as they are very loyal. 

They make excellent guard dogs because they will fiercely guard their family and their home.

Boxers as a Family Pet

The loving and energetic Boxer is one of America’s most popular breeds. Despite their big size, Boxers get along well with kids and are excellent family pets. 

As Breed Ambassador for The Woof Book, Mallory Lahkota talks about the breed, saying, “Boxers are wonderful with children, and they become serious watchdogs and guardians for the family. Be sure to give them plenty of exposure to other animals and a variety of people when they are young, as this brings out the best in them as they grow up.”

Those who have Boxers or are blessed enough to encounter a Boxer at least once know how affectionate these dogs can be. They are also extremely intelligent and have a great work ethic. 

Boxers are excellent family pets for the following reasons:

  • They are great with children.
  • Boxers make excellent watchdogs.
  • They take their jobs as a family guardian seriously.
  • They are fearless in the face of threats. 
  • Boxers are playful and extremely loyal. 

Take a quick look at these adorable Boxers that will make you laugh out loud.

Raising and Training a Boxer

If you do decide to foster or adopt a Boxer, it will help to learn how to train and care for them.

Because of their intelligence, Boxers are relatively easy to train. However, they become bored easily if you repeat too many training commands, so try to mix it up. 

The best time to train a Boxer is when they are still young. They need early socialization and puppy training classes.

If you adopt a Boxer from the shelter, chances are they are already trained. So make sure to check what commands they already know. 

Early training and helping them get socialized from an early age help Boxers harness their energy in a positive way. 

Step 1: Basic Commands

Teaching your Boxer basic obedience commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Come” as soon as you bring them home is a necessity. 

The last thing you want is for your Boxer to use their natural tendencies to engage in harmful actions like stealing your snacks and hunting your shoes as they were originally designed to hunt large animals like wild boar and bison.

Step 2: Socialization

Between the ages of 8-16 weeks, your goal should be to train your Boxer to socialize with people and other dogs. Because of their loyalty to their owners, boxers require thorough socialization.

Step 3: Grooming

Your next goal should be training your Boxer to get used to grooming. Help them get used to basic grooming, such as brushing, taking a bath, and wiping their drool. 

Because they have short coats, Boxers require very little grooming. However, it’s still good to keep their nails short, their coats brushed, and their teeth brushed too. 

Learn about some eco-friendly dog grooming tips.

Step 4: Potty Training

Potty training your Boxer should come next. Take your Boxer to the same potty location every time during training. After they go, give them a treat or some praise.

Most of the time, you’ll notice that Boxers will do whatever they want on their own time. They also like solving problems on their own. 

Boxers learn quickly, but they need constant positive reinforcement in the form of treats and praises to help them learn.

Here are some potty training tips you need to know.

Will Two Boxers Get Along?

In most cases, Boxers generally do not like dogs of the same sex. Issues of dominance and aggression can happen. However, they do enjoy dogs of the opposite sex.

Usually, Boxers do well as the only dog in the house. However, having two Boxers in one home is possible. 

The best way to ensure that two Boxers will get along is by introducing them to each other at an early age. Gradually introduce your dogs for a few minutes each day until they get used to each other.

Make sure you give them both plenty of attention. And give them a lot of mental stimulation to keep them busy and occupied. Also, make sure that they are getting enough exercise.

With that said, Boxers are extremely social. They love interacting with humans, and other animals. And they love getting attention.

Learn if two dogs will eventually get along.

What Are Boxers Good At?

K9 Boxer dog

Besides being good family pets, Boxers are also great at sports. Because of their athletic bodies, they do well in a variety of canine sports. 

They are good at obedience sports such as:

They also do well in agility sports and herding sports.

Additionally, Boxers make brilliant service and therapy dogs. They often serve as drug detection dogs and can assist in search and rescue operations.

Boxers Deserve Love & Celebration

Boxers are the happiest dogs when they are with family. They are extremely loyal and highly intelligent. It’s very easy to fall in love with this breed. 

This National Boxer Day, make sure you educate people about how great Boxers are, and how they can help stop the stigma against them.

Happy National Boxer Day! Check out more pet holidays you can celebrate.