Wag Your Tail for National Dachshund Day: Celebrating Our Favorite Wiener Dogs!

Dachshunds or “weiner dogs” are some of the most popular family pets of today. That’s why it’s no surprise that there’s a special holiday dedicated just for them. 

Find out when National Dachshund Day is celebrated, the history and origins of the breed, and how you can celebrate this holiday.

When is National Dachshund Day?

National Dachshund Day is celebrated on June 21st each year. 

Before, it was only celebrated in the United States. However, it has now gained worldwide recognition, and is celebrated everywhere.

On June 21st, the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the longest day of the year, and what could be more natural than celebrating the longest dog breed proportional to its size on the longest day of the year, right?

The History and Origins of the Dachshund Dog Breed

In the 18th century, German foresters and hunters began breeding dogs that hunted badgers. The name ‘Dachshund’ comes from the German word which means ‘badger hound.’ 

Hunting badgers is a dangerous job. They have sharp teeth and claws that can easily hurt and maim other animals.

The German foresters and hunters designed Dachshunds to have short legs so they could easily fit in badger holes. They also bred Dachshunds to have long, well-developed rib cages so they can have the endurance they need to battle underground. 

Dachshunds were taught to go in the tunnels alone, and rely on their wits. This is why most Dachshunds today are independent and bold. 

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Celebrate National Dachshund Day

How to Celebrate National Dachshund Day

There are plenty of fun ways you can celebrate National Dachshund Day.

Host a Dachshund Parade

Putting together a dachshund parade is a unique and enjoyable way to celebrate National Dachshund Day. Here are some ideas to get you started on planning your parade:

  1. Select a location – Choose a park or open location where you can meet other dachshund owners and their pets safely. Check that the location is accessible to both people and dogs.
  2. Invite participants – Talk to other dachshund owners in your area and let them know about your parade. You can reach more people by using social media, flyers, or word of mouth.
  3. Start planning – Plan a route that is safe and easy for everyone to use, taking into account both people and dogs’ needs. Make sure there are plenty of places for dogs to drink water and rest along the way.
  4. Doggy dress up – Ask people to dress up their dachshunds in fun and creative costumes for the parade. This will make the party even more fun and give people great photo opportunities.
  5. Provide snacks and refreshments – During the parade, make sure to have water and snacks for both people and dogs. This will help everyone stay happy and drink enough water.
  6. Capture the Moment – Have someone take photos and videos of the parade so that the event can be remembered and shared on social media. As a keepsake, you can also make a photo album or a scrapbook.

Host a Dachshund-themed Party

Or, you can just have a Dachshund-themed party at home. It doesn’t need to be as extravagant as the parade, you can just invite fellow Dachshund owners and other dog lovers too.

Volunteer at a Dachshund Rescue

You can also spend this time volunteering for Dachshund shelters or rescue organizations near you. You can even bring your fur baby and make a day out of it.

Or, you can look at these animal charities that you can help.

Have a Dachshund-themed Photoshoot

Dress up your dachshund and take some adorable photos of them. Upload the pictures to social media or make a photo album as a keepsake.

You can also include the whole family in the photoshoot to make it more memorable.

Host a Dachshund-themed Fundraiser

Plan a fundraiser to benefit dachshund-related causes, such as dachshund rescues or groups that offer sick dachshunds medical care. 

You may hold a walk-a-thon, silent auction, or even a bake sale. To promote your fundraiser, encourage people to dress up their dachshunds in fun costumes and post pictures on social media. 

You’ll not only be honoring National Dachshund Day but also improving the lives of dachshunds who are in need.

Have a Picnic with your Dachshund

Join other dog owners and their four-legged fur babies for a lunch in the park. 

This is a fantastic way to spend time with your dachshund and make friends with other dog owners.

Raise Awareness

Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to post dachshund images, videos, and information on how to be a Dachshund parent. 

Encourage others to use the day’s official hashtag, #NationalDachshundDay, to share their own dachshund stories and images.

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Characteristics of a Dachshund

Physical Characteristics

The Dachshund is known for its iconic, low stature and high-spirited personality.

They are a beloved member of the canine community. With their unique, long-backed body and short little legs, they are easily recognizable and have captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. 

Dachshunds come in two sizes – standard and miniature, and three coat types – smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired. 

These adorable Dachshunds are also known for their short muscular legs, long, droopy ears and long muzzles.

They are often referred to as “hot dogs” and “sausage hounds” because of how they look.

When it comes to coat colors, Dachshunds have a beautiful coat that comes in a variety of shades including red, black, chocolate, white, and gray. 

Some even have gorgeous tan markings or playful dapples that add to their unique charm.

Personality Traits

Dachshunds may be small, but they’re courageous. In fact, they’re so courageous that they won’t be afraid to go toe-to-toe with other bigger dogs and animals. 

They’re independent and intelligent, which can sometimes lead to them being stubborn. They need constant mental and physical stimulation, and frequent playtime to keep them engaged.

Without proper training, Dachshunds may develop destructive behaviors such as:

  • chewing on furniture
  • peeing and pooping indoors
  • digging holes in the backyard
  • and excessive barking.

Dachshunds are also loyal to their owners and their family. Most Dachshunds follow their humans everywhere they go, and they will fiercely protect you from strangers when needed.

But what are they like as a family pet?

The Dachshund as a Family Pet

As a family pet, Dachshunds are extremely affectionate. However, you’ll need a lot of patience and persistence when it comes to training them.

Dachshunds are independent, intelligent and stubborn, which makes them tricky to train. 

How to Train Your Dachshund

The best way to train a Dachshund is by starting as early as possible. Start them with obedience training and socialization once they’re received full vaccinations and immunization.

Dachshunds do well with positive, reward-based training. 

Because of their high-intelligence, Dachshunds are also extremely sensitive. This means that they will not react positively to harsh methods of training.

Grooming and Health

As a responsible pet owner, you should also be mindful of your Dachshunds health, their grooming, and nutrition.

They need at least 20 to 40 minutes of exercise each day to keep them healthy and physically fit. Exercising your Dachshund also helps build their muscles so that it can support and protect their lower backs. 

This will also help them spend their energy so they don’t develop destructive behavior. 

Dachshunds are prone to disc damage because of their physical traits. To prevent this, keep them from running up and down a flight of stairs, or jumping off furniture.

You also need to watch their weight, because their short legs won’t be able to handle being overweight. 

Standard Dachshunds weigh around 16 to 32 pounds, while miniature ones should weigh 11 pounds or under.

When it comes to grooming, Smooth-coated Dachshunds require less grooming. 

Longhaired Dachshunds, on the other hand, may require frequent brushing. And Wirehaired Dachshunds require brushing or combing once or twice a week.

All three should have their nails trimmed every month.

Look out for more pet holidays worth celebrating throughout the year.