National Dog Dad Day | Celebrating Paw-some Fatherhood

National Dog Day is a special occasion that celebrates the unconditional love and devotion dog dads provide for their furbabies.

Learn all about national dog dad day, how you can celebrate this holiday, and the important role dog dads play in their fur babies lives. 

When is National Dog Dad Day?

National Dog Dad Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of June each year. It’s the day before Father’s Day, so it should be easy to remember. 

This beautiful holiday celebrates the special bond between dogs and their fathers or father figures at home. 

It’s a great day to celebrate and recognize the important role that dog dads play in the lives of their furry companions.

How National Dog Dad Day Started

According to the National Day Archives, National Dog Dad Day started in June of 2021, and it was created by Ashley Bercaw.

Ashley wanted us all to have the opportunity to show our appreciation for the dog dads in our lives.

Celebrate this special day by giving them gifts, spending quality time with them and their dogs, and sharing pictures and messages on social media.

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Celebrate National Dog Day

The Special Bond Between Dads and Dogs

A dog dad’s attachment with his furry child can be extremely strong and special. 

Dogs have an extraordinary ability to create deep and lasting connections with their human caregivers. 

The bond between a dog dad and his pup can provide unconditional love, comfort, and delight to both dog dads and their furbabies.

Dogs are extremely loyal creatures, and a dog dad who takes the time to care for, play with, and train his puppy will often discover that his dog will repay him with dedication and affection. 

Spending time together, whether on walks, in the backyard, or simply relaxing on the couch, can build a lasting bond. between a dog dad and his pup. 

These simple things can create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Important Role of Dog Dads in Their Furbaby’s Lives

Dog daddies play an important role in their dogs’ lives. Like dog moms, dog dads are responsible for their pups’ care, attention, and training. 

Being the Provider

To be a good dog dad means taking care of your pup’s basic needs including nutrition, hydration, shelter, and health. 

These responsibilities include providing a clean, comfortable sleeping area, regular vet visits, and a balanced diet.

Providing Sufficient Training

In many households dog dads take on the role of trainer and socializer. 

This includes teaching them basic obedience commands, helping them get along with other dogs and people, and helping them adjust to new environments and situations.

Check out this free dog training guide if you know a new dog dad who needs help.

Being the Protector

Dog fathers have responsibilities for their pups’ safety, too. 

As a dog parent, it’s your job to keep an eye on them at all times when they’re outside, and keep them away from any potentially dangerous situations.

Why Is National Dog Dad Day Important?

There are many reasons why it’s important to acknowledge and honor the special relationship that exists between dog dads and their furbabies. 

Dog Dads Deserve Recognition

Recognizing and honoring the unique relationship shared by dog dads and their canine children is exactly why we celebrate National Dog Dad Day. 

It is a time to show appreciation for the love, care, and attention that dog dads provide. 

Helps Dog Dads Feel Encouraged

By celebrating, we can inspire others to develop similar ties with their pets. 

This can show support for responsible pet ownership. It can also increase the understanding of the considerable effect that pets have in our lives.

Strengthen Bonds and Relationships

The relationship between dog dads and their pets can be improved by celebrating National Dog Dad Day. 

Dog dads and their pups can deepen their relationship by celebrating this holiday and spending quality time together.

Highlighting the Benefits of Owning a Dog

Studies have shown that owning a dog can have numerous physical and mental health benefits, including improving heart health, reducing blood pressure, reducing stress, and providing a sense of purpose and routine.

Owning a dog can also provide social benefits, such as increased opportunities for socialization and connection with others.

How to Celebrate National Dog Dad Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate National Dog Dad Day.

Spend Quality Time Together

Spending quality time together with your furbaby is a great way to celebrate National Dog Dad Day. There are plenty of things you can do to make the most out of this holiday.

You can do the usual activities you and your furbaby like to do, or you can try something new.

Go for a Hike or a Camping Trip

If you’re a dog dad who enjoys exploring the outdoors, then this is a great activity you can do to celebrate.

Here are some tips that can help you prepare:

  • Make sure your dog is up for the adventure. Before you leave, consider your dog’s age, health, and level of fitness. Some dogs may have difficulty with extended hikes or may be afraid of camping.
  • Bring lots of water, food, a leash, and any necessary medications for your dog. Consider bringing a first-aid kit for you and your dog in case of an emergency.
  • Study the trail or campsite. Make sure that the trail or campsite is dog-friendly, and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations.

Once you’re on the trail, or at the campsite, keep your dog safe. 

You can do this by keeping them on a leash or under close supervision at all times. 

Make sure that they are wearing identity tags and have all of their vaccines up to date.

More importantly, have fun and enjoy your time together in the great outdoors.

Go on a Picnic

Picnics with your dog can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved dog. 

It’s a great opportunity to bond with your dog outdoors without going trekking. 

When you’re planning your picnic, consider selecting a dog-friendly park or open area that welcomes dogs. 

Remember to take lots of water, dog food, and any toys or treats your furbaby enjoys. 

Bring a blanket or towel for your dog to lie on, and a leash to keep them safe. Remember to clean up after your dog and dispose of any waste. 

Enjoy the fresh air, sunlight, and delicious food, and take plenty of photos to remember your dog-friendly picnic.

Visit a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

There are many restaurants today that allow dogs in their outdoor sitting areas. This makes it simple to find a dog-friendly restaurant. 

Some restaurants even have specific menu items or snacks for dogs, making it a memorable day for your four-legged companion. 

Bring water and other essential equipment for your dog, such as a leash or toys, when visiting a dog-friendly restaurant. 

Remember to be considerate to other diners and respect any restaurant rules or restrictions. 

Going to a dog-friendly restaurant is a terrific way to celebrate National Dog Dad Day, bond with your dog, and have a tasty lunch with friends and family.

Take a Roadtrip

Make the most out of the weekend by taking a roadtrip with your furbaby and the rest of the family. Father’s Day is celebrated the next day, so you can take the whole weekend to celebrate.

Whether you’re going to a nearby park, beach, or other beautiful place, a road trip with your dog can be a great way to spend quality time together and make memories that will last. 

Do some research to make sure your destination is dog-friendly. 

A road trip with your dog can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate National Dog Dad Day.

Learn about the best way to travel with your dog in the car.

Chill at Home

You can also just take the day off to chill at home with your furbaby. Dogs don’t mind where you go, as long as you’re together.

Create a Core Memory

Make this year’s National Dog Day a memorable one by creating a core memory together. Here are some ideas:

Participate in a Dog-Friendly Event

Look for dog-friendly events in your city, or nearby areas. You and your furbaby can spend the day making friends with other dog dads and pooches.

Take a Professional Photoshoot

Have a professional photographer take pictures of you, your dog, and the rest of the family. This way, you’ll have a remembrance of this beautiful celebration.

Volunteer at a Local Shelter

You can spend the day volunteering at a local shelter. Your furbaby is lucky to have you as a dog dad. 

There are plenty of dogs and animals out there that are looking to find a home. 

You can take this day and spend it with them to show them love, affection, and what it’s like to socialize.

See our Animal Charity Series for ideas. 

Share on Social Media

It’s a special holiday, so make sure to spread the word and raise awareness on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalDogDay.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too.

Organize a Party

You can also organize a party for you and other dog dads. It’ll be a fun way to celebrate with other people, and your furbaby to socialize with other dogs.

Promote Responsible Pet Ownership

You can take this day to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership. 

Spread awareness, and educate others on what it’s like to be a responsible pet owner. You can do so by doing the following:

  • Advocate for pet-friendly policies.
  • Encourage spaying and neutering of pets.
  • Advocate for pet adoption.
  • Promote pet registration.
  • Lead by example.

Unique Gifts for Dog Dads

Make the dog dads in your life feel extra special this holiday by giving them and yourself a unique gift. Check out these beautiful gifts:

The Dogfather T-Shirt

The Dogfather | Funny, Cute Dog Father Dad Owner Pet Doggo Pup Fun Humor T-Shirt-(Adult,XL)

This t-shirt is a playful and fun way to celebrate the dog dads you know, and it’s sure to make them smile every time they wear it. 

It is a comfortable and stylish way for them to show their love for their furry friend, whether out running errands, taking their dog for a walk, or just hanging out at home.

Best Dog Dad Ever Whiskey Glass

Perfectinsoy Dog Dad Ever Wine Glass with Gift Box, Cute Golden Retriever Themed, Dog Lover Gifts for Her, Dog Moms, Grandma, Wife, Sister, Whiskey Glass Gift for Dog Lovers

This lovely whiskey glass with a dog illustration is a lovely way to express your affection for a dog dad. 

It’s ideal for sipping a favorite beverage in style and a terrific conversation starter. 

This whiskey glass is sure to be a hit, whether you buy it for yourself or as a present for that special dog dad in your life.

Dad Hat Baseball Cap

Hatphile: Dog Mom & Dad Hats for Proud Dog Parents | Wide Selection of Black Baseball Caps or 29 Assorted Colors | for Men & Women | Embroidered Text Dog Dad or Dog Mom - Adjustable Fit - 100% Cotton

A baseball hat like this one can be a terrific way to show your appreciation for dog dads. 

The hat has a creative embroidery design and a classic 6-panel construction, making it a versatile accessory for any casual look. 

This awesome hat will bring a grin to their face and make them feel appreciated whether they wear it when walking their dog, running errands, or simply hanging out.

I Love My Dad Printed Dog Bandana

I Love My Dad Printed Dog Bandana (Assorted Colors)

This bandana is decorated with a variety of beautiful and colorful dog-themed patterns, making it an excellent accessory for any dog dad’s furry pet. 

A bandana like this one could be a terrific way to show your appreciation for the time and effort that dog dads put into caring for their pets.

We hope you have fun celebrating National Dog Dad Day. Look out for some other pet holidays you can celebrate throughout the year.