Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day in the Most Special Way

“National Dog Mom Day” honors the special bond that exists between mothers and their furry children. 

This day is dedicated to the devoted dog moms who pour their hearts and souls into their pups’ lives every day of the year. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned dog mom or just starting out on your journey as a pet parent, join us as we explore the significance of National Dog Mom’s Day and share some tips on how you can celebrate this special day with your furry best friend.

When is National Dog Mom’s Day?

This day is celebrated yearly on the second Saturday of May, the day before Mother’s Day. This year it falls on May 13th.

The holiday allows dog mothers all around the world to express their love for their precious fur babies.

On this day, people spend precious time with their dogs, giving them extra cuddles, food, and gifts, and sharing images and stories about their dogs on social media.

The day also serves as a reminder to support animal shelters and rescue organizations, who work tirelessly to find loving homes for dogs in need.

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How National Dog Mom’s Day Started

Dig Dates, a dating service for dog lovers, created National Dog Mom’s Day in 2018 to show love and appreciation to all of the beautiful dog moms out there.

The founder of Dig, Casey Isaacson, came up with the idea when she realized that while there were several days dedicated to celebrating dogs, there was nothing to recognize the hard work and dedication of dog moms.

She wanted to create a special day to celebrate and honor all the dog moms out there and to recognize the important role they play in their dogs’ lives.

Although Dig Dates are no longer operating, we still celebrate this holiday each year to honor all dog moms and the love they give to their four-legged friends. 

Whether you’re a proud mom to your furry best friend, a foster mom providing temporary love and care to puppies in need, or an aspiring dog mom looking forward to adding a furry family member; you’re a dog mom in our eyes.

How to Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day

There are lots of ways you can celebrate the dog mom in your life and express your gratitude.

Give a Dog Mom a Day Off

Take care of your furry baby for the day so your dog mom can have a break. Offer to take your dog to the park, give them a bath, or do some of the other things your dog mom usually handles.

Or if you know a dog mom, offer to take their pup off their hands for the day so they can spend the day pampering themselves.

Buy a Special Gift for Your Dog Mom

Show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift you know they would love. See below for our ideas for a unique gift for the dog mom in your life.

Share Photos and Stories on Social Media

Use social media to post photographs and tales about your dog and to celebrate with a heartfelt message to your dog mom. 

Join the conversation and connect with other dog moms and dog lovers. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalDogMomsDay.

Treat Your Dog to a Special Day

If you are a dog mom, you can celebrate your day by taking your furry baby on a fun adventure, like a hike, a trip to the beach, or to a dog-friendly cafe.

Spending quality time with your dog is a great way to celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

This is an excellent opportunity to show your support for dogs and dog moms by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Whether it’s by: 

  • walking dogs
  • cleaning kennels
  • helping with fundraising efforts
  • or raising awareness through social media. 

Every little bit helps. You’ll be helping dogs in need and showing your support for dog moms everywhere.

Donate to an Animal Rescue Organization

Consider donating to a local animal rescue organization. Your contribution can help with the following:

  • food and supplies
  • medical treatment
  • housing for homeless dogs
  • finding dogs forever homes.

Find some animal charities to help in our spotlight series.

Promote Responsible Pet Ownership

This holiday is also a great way to promote responsible pet ownership. You can advocate for the cause by sharing information on social media. 

You can also educate fellow dog owners on how to be responsible fur parents. Here are a few ways to ensure you’re being a responsible pet owner:

Attend a Dog-friendly Event

Find a local event that is dog-friendly and bring your furry baby along. This is a great way to socialize your dog and meet other dog moms in your area so you can celebrate together.

Celebrate as a Family

More importantly, celebrating National Dog Mom’s Day should be celebrated as a family. 

Remember, Mother’s Day is celebrated the day after National Dog Mom’s Day, so you can make a whole weekend out of it. 

Celebrate the dog mom in your life to show your love and appreciation, and if you are a dog mom, enjoy this day with your pup and your family.

Why We Should Celebrate Dog Moms

Dog moms deserve much love and recognition like all moms. 

As a dog mom, your bond with your fur baby is special and unique. Recognizing and celebrating this bond is important for several reasons.

1. They provide essential love and care

Dog moms play a vital and important role in the lives of their pets. They are responsible for providing love, care, and attention to their furry children. 

It helps to acknowledge this love, care, and devotion that you, and other dog moms, provide your pups every day. 

Whether it’s feeding, grooming, training, playing, or simply cuddling, dog moms go above and beyond to ensure their pups are happy and healthy.

Dog moms play an important role in shaping their pet’s behavior and personality. They help their pups become confident, well-behaved, and happy members of their family. 

2. Dogs are our four-legged family members

Dogs are a big part of our families and we love them just as much as we love our human family members. 

They give us unconditional love, lots of sloppy kisses, and always know how to make us smile. 

Celebrating dog moms is a way to show appreciation for the important role that dogs play in our lives.

3. Adopting and rescuing is pawsome

Many dog moms choose to adopt or rescue their pups, which is a pawsome thing to do! 

Celebrating dog moms can help raise awareness for adoption and rescue organizations and encourage more people to consider adopting a furry friend.

4. Dogs keep us healthy and happy

Having a dog has been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve our cardiovascular health, and increase our socialization.

By celebrating dog moms, we’re also celebrating the positive impact that dogs can have on our mental and physical well-being.

Celebrating dog moms also raises awareness of the benefits of the human-animal bond and the wonderful influence that dogs have on our lives. 

5. It’s a way to show appreciation and gratitude

Dog moms work hard to give their furry babies the best life possible, and they deserve all the love and appreciation in the world. 

Celebrating dog moms is a way to show them that we see how much they do and that we’re grateful for their dedication and love.

It makes them feel valued for everything they do and gives them a tremendous sense of community and support.

So, show your gratitude and get ready to celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day.

Unique Gifts for Dog Mom’s

Make dog moms feel extra special this holiday by giving them unique gifts. Here are a few items that we love:

Best Dog Mom – Handmade Soy Candle

Best Dog Mom Natural Soy Candle, 9oz, Lavender Fragrance - Dog Mom Gifts for Women, Present from Dog, Cute Dog Lover Home Decor , Dog Owner, Pet Lovers Fur Mama Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

This dog candle is crafted with natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and essential lavender oils to provide a very fragrant, long-lasting candle that will spread relaxing smells for at least 45 hours. 

This candle, which comes in a nice gift box, makes for a unique and enjoyable gift for dog moms.

Custom Pet Jewelry Dog Necklace

MignonandMignon Personalized Dog Necklace for Women Memorial Gifts Pet Portrait Custom Jewelry Cat Name Unique Animal Picture Necklace for Mom Dog Lovers Mothers Day Gift -LCN-AP(Gold)

This lovely necklace is the ideal gift for any dog mom. You can customize it with a sketch portrait of your pup’s face and their name underneath. 

It comes in a lovely box that can be used for storing or gifting to create a meaningful gift for the dog mom in your life.

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler with Lid and Straw

Fancyfams - Dog Mom - 12 oz Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler with Lid and Straw (Dog Mom -Turquoise)

This unbreakable, insulated wine tumbler makes a great personal gift for your dog mom. 

It’s double-walled and vacuum-insulated to make sure that any drink you put in is at the perfect temperature when you drink it.

This adorable wine tumbler also comes with a metal straw and a metal brush that’s neatly packed in a special gift box.

Lazy One Fuzzy Feet Slippers

Lazy One Fuzzy Feet Slippers for Women, Cute Fleece-Lined House Slippers, Cute Animal Designs (Dog Mom, L/XL)

The Lazy One Fuzzy Feet Slippers are another ideal personal gift for dog moms. These house slippers feature a cute paw print pattern with “Dog Mom” all over. 

They’re ultra soft and warm, and they’re perfect for lounging and relaxing around the house. 

We hope you have fun celebrating National Dog Mom’s Day and spoiling all the dog moms in your life.

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