National Welsh Corgi Day | Celebrate the Most Loveable Pups on the Planet

Get ready to celebrate the cutest holiday of the year – National Welsh Corgi Day!

On March 1st, we honor these adorable pups with their short legs, big ears, and playful personalities.

Corgis have captured our hearts with their spunky nature and lovable charm. So, grab your furry friend and join the fun with corgi-themed events and sharing your favorite corgi photos online. Happy National Welsh Corgi Day!

When is National Welsh Corgi Day?

On March 1st each year we celebrate National Welsh Corgi Day.

This holiday started in 2019 and was established by Connie Maue.

It’s one of two days each year dedicated to Corgis; the other being the International Corgi Day on June 4.

Corgis deserve all the love and recognition; this breed may be small, but they have big personalities. No matter where Corgis go, they attract attention.

National Welsh Corgi Day holiday

How to Celebrate National Welsh Corgi Day

There are a lot of ways you can celebrate National Welsh Corgi Day. Here are a few suggestions based on their personalities.

Go on a Hike

Corgis love the outdoors. They will appreciate a new adventure. 

There are plenty of places you can go to if you want to hike with your dog. The most important thing is to make sure your hike goes safely and smoothly. 

Corgis, if they’re fit and in perfect health, can hike anywhere between six to eight miles at a moderate pace. Here are some tips when hiking with your Corgi:

  • Do not go to places where your Corgi might need to climb, this can be challenging for them.
  • Bring lots of water. Corgis are prone to overheating, so make sure to give them water often. 
  • Stop often. Corgis may be energetic, but they also require regular rest breaks when hiking, so be sure to take a break every now and then.

Go for a Drive

As mentioned, Corgis are always looking for new adventures and mental stimulation. A road trip is something they will enjoy.

Roll the windows down, and let your Corgi enjoy the wind while you travel, but make sure you keep them restrained.

It’s safer if your Corgi is restrained so you won’t get distracted by them moving around the car while you drive. It also keeps them from jumping out the window. 

The safest way to travel with your fur baby is to have them in a carrier strapped in the back seat.

Learn how to travel safely with your dogs

Go to the Park

The dog park is also one of the best places you can take your Corgi to. It can be a fun way for them to interact with other dogs.

To change things up, you can have a picnic at the park with your Corgi. Bring special treats, lots of toys, and maybe play a game of fetch with a treat launcher.

Spend the whole afternoon just hanging out with your fur baby, helping them make new friends, and have fun.

Host a Party

A Corgi party is always a good idea. You can invite all of your fur babies’ friends and have a fun time at home.

You can bake homemade dog-friendly cakes, serve special treats, and host fun games for your fur baby and the special guests. 

Here are some games you can try:

  • Scooby Says – this is a dog-friendly version of ‘Simon Says.’ Have all the dogs gather together, and say a few commands. Whenever a dog doesn’t follow commands, they’re out of the game. The most obedient pup wins!
  • Paw Painting – give fur parents a pad and some dog-friendly paint, and let them create paintings of their fur babies’ paws. 
  • Treat Hunt – hide treats and toys around the house, or in your backyard, and let your fur babies find them. The fur baby with the most treats at the end of the game wins.

Other fun ways to celebrate also include:

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