Tasty Dog Food For Picky Eaters

Dogs can be as picky as humans when it comes to what they like to eat.

It’s true that most dogs will eat anything that they can get their paws on, even garbage sometimes seems like a great treat to them. On the other hand, some dogs are born with a picky palate or they develop it over time.

Lucky for us there are some foods that all dogs like and they are even healthier than the ones that are manufactured and store-bought.

Why Your Dog Might Be a Picky Eater

Modern dogs are descended from predators who knew how to survive in the wild. That behavior remains in their genes and as a result, many dogs will eat whatever they can, whenever they can. That explains the garbage affinity we mentioned earlier.

If you have a dog who sticks his nose up at what you are trying to feed him then this is a problem. The two most common causes of dogs refusing to eat what you put in their bowl are health problems and bad habits.

Health Problems

You know how sometimes sick humans don’t feel like eating anything at all? If you were ever sick, you probably felt this kind of nausea and loss of appetite.

If your dog is suffering from an ailment he might also start refusing to eat for the same reason. This is easily distinguished from less serious causes behind picky eating because a spoiled dog will eat random stuff he finds interesting. On the other hand, a sick dog will refuse everything, start acting strangely and showing signs of ill health.

Bad Habits

The number one cause of dogs becoming picky eaters, and probably the sole reason why you’re reading this article is from bad habits they have developed over time.

Humans are often the cause of these bad habits in their pups. Feeding your dog food scraps and giving him too many treats on a daily basis might mess with his regular feeding schedule. This type of behavior can cause dogs to start acting like spoiled children.

If your dog gets used to ‘exotic’ and extra tasty food that comes directly from your table, he will start ignoring his own food bowl, attempting to provoke you into providing him with more interesting things to eat.

Yes, dogs are that smart.

This is an issue that is easily resolved on your part. You just need to provide your dog with a better diet and more interesting and nutritious foods and he will quickly forget about being picky.

Also, quit sharing your own food and special treats with him every chance you get. If he is really hungry, he will return to his bowl after he notices that there is no other food for the taking.

This will require all of the family getting on board, as it is often children trying to sneak food and treats to their pup.

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dog food for picky eaters

What Makes Good Dog Food For Picky Eaters

Your dog needs a balanced diet. Unfortunately, most store-bought dog foods won’t provide that. Companies fill the packages with fillers, preservatives, and additives in order to make it tastier and last longer on the shelves.

A balanced diet means your dog getting every essential nutrient his body needs over a period of time. Fake ingredients tend to taste bad to your dog and they will feel a need to start seeking out real food. Meat, eggs, fish, fruits, and vegetables all taste very good to your dog and he will enjoy eating them.

However, there are some dog foods that are made out of natural ingredients and these can be a great solution for your picky dog if you are time-poor and don’t want to make your own dog meals.

Our Recommendations for Tasty Dog Food for Picky Eaters

Fromm Four-Star Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Game Bird Recipe

Fromm Game Bird Dog Food

Made by a company famous in the dog food industry for their good nutritional practices, Fromm.

It features a mixture of real foods and some great organic ingredients to make your dog even more healthy than before. Along with the duck, turkey, and chicken, there are plenty of veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, and spinach.

Made without grains, which are known to cause allergies in many dogs. It also has chicken cartilages, which help to improve joint health in all animals. There are also plenty of healthy fats from salmon oil and chicken fat. They even add in some vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to help keep your pup healthy.

Taurine and chicory root are just some of the natural supplements included. Taurine is known to reduce the risk of your dog being affected by worms and similar parasites. Chicory root is great for encouraging a strong heart and good eye development in puppies.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Your dog will love this one. It’s completely natural and full of roasted bison and venison meat that dogs tend to love.

It includes a range of different fruits and vegetables that provide plenty of essential nutrients for your dog’s well-being.

They include healthy probiotics that are developed specifically for dogs to aid in a healthy digestive and immune system.

Completely natural and made with no grain, corn, wheat or other meat by-products. Also, it contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives which might harm your puppy.

It also includes a unique fatty acid blend which greatly improves the quality of your dog’s hair and skin.

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Honest Kitchen Grain Free Dog Food

This one comes with three different options for flavor, range-raised beef, free-range chicken, or cage-free turkey.

It’s designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. We recommend the chicken variation for puppies, as chicken meat is known to be extremely valuable to young dogs who are still growing. Adult dogs, especially bigger ones, might enjoy the beef recipe more as it can provide the required amounts of protein to sustain their nutritional needs.

This dog food contains absolutely no additives, preservatives, or any processed ingredients. Everything inside is completely organic to the level that even humans would be okay to eat it.

It contains a mixture of organic whole grain and meat, completely dehydrated for maximum nutritional value. Just add a little water to the dog bowl and he can start enjoying the healthiest meal of his life.

There are also plenty of healthy vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals added to provide a well-rounded nutritional diet for your dog.

The Bottom Line

Dogs tend to stop eating when they have health problems, so you should visit a vet if you notice any changes to their eating patterns and behavior. However, they can also become picky eaters if they develop bad habits or are fed unhealthy processed dog food.

In order to help your loving pup live a long healthy life, you should either feed him healthy homemade human foods or buy organic brands that are made out of tasty real ingredients.

Educate yourself on what is healthy for your dog to eat and you can keep your pup happy for a long time to come.

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