6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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A dog really is a man’s best friend, and our canine companions can become so important to us that they feel like an extra member of your family. However, just like our human family members, it is important that we take the time to look after them and make sure they are happy and healthy.

So, whether you are considering bringing a dog into your home for the first time or you are simply looking at brushing up on your dog care tips, then you’ve come to the right place. Having a dog is a big responsibility and, as their owner, it is your job to make sure they have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Most of us would agree that our dogs are incredibly important to us, so by following our tips and advice, you will have the most content and healthy pooch on the street! 

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Proper Nutrition

Some dog owners can be guilty of buying any old dog food off the shelf in the supermarket and assuming that it will be okay for their dog. But every dog is different, and you need to take the time to investigate and research the right nutrition for your dog.

Ensuring that your dog has both the right type and the right amount of food is key to their overall health and will help to manage any weight issues and any subsequent illnesses that can shorten your dog’s lifespan.

As a dog owner, the thought of your pooch not being here is upsetting and distressing for you, so make sure that you do everything in your power to keep them with you for as long as possible.

If you’re unsure what sort of nutrition your dog requires, do some research online and visit your local vet for some advice.  

Regular Exercise

exercise to keep dog healthy

Making sure your dog gets daily exercise is essential if you want a happy and healthy pooch.  However, this doesn’t just mean going for a walk. There are loads of different ways that you can get your dog to engage in physical activity, and the more exciting, the better!

While a walk is a great way to keep your dog active, you can also take them hiking, swimming, and even play games such as fetch. This is a great opportunity for your dog to stretch their legs and enjoy some freedom.

There are also chew toys that you can purchase that your dog will enjoy but will also help to keep them active.

Ensuring your dog has regular exercise is not only providing them with the physical activity that they need to stay fit and healthy, but you will notice a considerable difference to your dog’s happiness after being given the chance to let off some steam.


While all dogs have different grooming requirements, you should expect to keep your pet’s nails trimmed, give them regular baths, and brush their coat a few times a week.

You may find that your dog doesn’t like being groomed at first, but it is important that you don’t let this put you off as it is important for their well-being. The more you make grooming part of their routine, the more used to it they will become.

Washing and brushing their fur regularly is not only important for their grooming needs, but it is also a good opportunity to check their skin and fur is healthy.

Be sure to look out for changes in your pet’s fur and skin and watch out for dry skin, dandruff, and any bald patches. Checking for lumps should also be a part of your dog’s grooming routine.  

Plenty of Affection

affection to keep dog happy

Dogs love a cuddle, and having a strong bond with your canine companion is one of the most rewarding aspects of having a dog. From belly rubs, to cuddles, and petting, if you want your dog to be happy and healthy, then it is important that you show them how much they are loved.

This will help to maintain their emotional intelligence as well as their connection with you. Having positive interactions with you and other animals is going to help them being a civilised and sociable dog.

Regular Check Ups

Many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that a visit to the vets is only required when their dog is poorly, but this isn’t the case. Your dog should be taken to the vets at least once a year for a check-up.

If your dog suffers from any illnesses or conditions, then obviously you would take them more often, but even if your dog seems to be in great health, a yearly check-up is important.

Some dog owners are reluctant to take their dogs to the vets because they are worried about the cost of medical treatment. However, this is one of the responsibilities that comes with having a dog, and if you are worried about your own financial circumstances then you may want to consider getting dog insurance.

You can do some research online into the different types that are available and compare dog insurance from different companies. For example, everypaw.com offer cover for illness or injury on a lifetime or maximum benefit plan.


It is important that your dog is comfortable around other people and other animals, as this is crucial for their overall development. Research has found that getting your dog used to being around others from a young age helps to combat any aggressive or anti-social behaviours that may develop as they become an adult[1].

A puppy’s formative years are from a few weeks old up until around 18 weeks, so this is the most important phase for socialisation.

However, you should be making sure that your dog gets regular interaction with other people and animals throughout their life. Even going for a walk in your local park is a good way to get your dog used to being around others and how to react in social situations.

By following our tips and advice, you can give your canine friend the life they deserve while ensuring that they are always happy and healthy.