What is the Easiest Dog Breed to Own?

You’re busy with work and family, but you want to expand your four-legged family. It may seem impossible, but it isn’t. You want a dog that doesn’t require a lot of time, energy, or money.

So, what is the easiest dog breed to own?

We researched low-maintenance dogs for different lifestyles and families. We also discuss easy-to-raise dog breeds and which breeds suit the criteria.

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easiest dog breed to own

What Makes a Dog Easy to Raise?

There are many things to consider when it comes to what makes a dog easy to raise. Only you can decide which factors are most important to you. ​

Do you want a dog that’s easy to train? Or one that doesn’t shed? Or is great with kids and good for seniors?

Maybe you want a dog that ​is lazy ​and prefers to lounge all day. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

A low maintenance dog can mean many things to many people, so here are some aspects to think of in terms of what makes a dog easy to own.


Friendliness is all about how the different breeds react to people, fellow canines, and other animals.

Some respond well to their owners, while others are more likely to be protective, suspicious of strangers, and be aggressive.

Good with Kids

How well does a dog breed generally respond to children being at home? Some may be gentle, while others can be too playful, and they may unintentionally hurt your kids.

Some breeds can also be aggressive or potentially harmful to your young ones.

Easy to Train

Something else to consider is the ease of training based on their receptiveness to learning.

Some breeds are very intelligent, and there are those that can be stubborn. But just because a breed is known to be obedient and intelligent doesn’t mean they don’t need training.

Don’t expect your dog to be low maintenance as soon as you bring them home. They will need a lot of attention and training before both of you can enjoy the easy life.

Easy to Groom

A dog’s ease of grooming asks two questions. Will your dog require a lot of washing and brushing? Or will you need a lot of trips to the groomer?

Take note that while some breeds may be hairier than others, they may not be prone to shedding or dander, and therefore require less grooming.


Dogs are social animals, and they love being in packs. In almost all cases, dogs do not like being left alone.

If you’re always at work, then it’s recommended you do not get a dog. Or else you will need to have someone available to take care of them while you are away.

Energy Levels

Do you want a lazy or energetic dog? Depending on your lifestyle, some owners desire a dog who is ready to play and full of energy.

Remember that most puppies are energetic until they mature, and as they get older, they get calmer.

Lastly, just because a dog has low energy levels doesn’t mean you don’t have to take them for a walk regularly. Exercise is a basic need for all dogs.

Easiest Dog Breeds to Own

Here are some of the easiest dog breeds to own, in no particular order.

Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular dog breeds in the US for more than two dozen years.

They are friendly, good around people, and also good with their fellow furry friends. Labs are also easygoing and trustworthy.

They are playful, energetic, and smart. The good-natured breed comes in three colors: yellow, black, and chocolate.

Because they are energetic, they require lots of daily exercise like walks in the park and daily games of fetch.


papillon breed

The Papillon is a pint-sized playmate you can have for your family.

This breed has a high chill factor for such a small dog, unlike other small breeds that can be aggressive and too outgoing. Papillons love kids, so they make great family pets.

They also have a reputation for being easy to train, and they excel in obedience events.

Their coats, although long and silky, need very little grooming. They also don’t shed a lot.



Poodles are at the top of their class, being ranked as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

They are eager to please their owners and are very keen on training. Although they are elegant and gentle, they are also athletic and energetic. 

Poodles love to learn and train, so they require frequent exercise to avoid becoming destructive. Poodles are self-reliant and will follow your rules.

This breed sheds minimally, but you’ll need to visit your groomer once every 4 weeks to maintain their healthy hair growth.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever breed

Golden Retrievers are the best companion you can ever have.

These dogs’ personalities and sense of humor make them easy to love. They are extremely smart and gentle, making them wonderful service dogs and good with children.

Although they are ideal for families, they still need a lot of training and exercise.

However, they can be very dependent on you. So, if you’re always out and about, consider another breed.

Lastly, a Golden Retriever’s coat needs a lot of attention, so brush them daily and visit the groomer often for proper maintenance.

Otherwise, it will lead to painful mats and a very dirty dog. 

High Maintenance Dogs

If you want a dog that’s easy to own, avoid breeds that are known for working and herding.

This is because they are bred to work, so it may be difficult if you don’t have the time to commit. 

This list of dog breeds needs additional time and patience when getting raised.

  • Terriers
  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • German Shepherds
  • Boxers
  • Welsh Corgis
  • Sheepdogs.

Go for Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Dogs deserve equal love and care. But it’s undeniable that some dogs are a lot of work, while some aren’t.

If you’re a busy person, there are certain breeds that might be appealing because they are hassle-free. 

No-hassle dogs are easy to train, easy to groom, are good with people and other animals, and are independent.

Although every dog is different, there are some breeds known to be easy to own.

Go for breeds like the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, or a Papillon. They have fewer demands and are suitable for dog lovers who have a lot of responsibilities.