Why Do Dogs Hug Your Leg?

Have you ever had to stop whatever you’re doing because your dog is suddenly hugging your leg? 

Sometimes it’s cute. But most of the time it can be annoying. 

Dogs hug your leg because they’re aroused, scared, or want something from you.

Check out these possible reasons behind your dog hugging your leg and whether you should encourage or discourage the behavior.

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dog hugs your leg

Why Your Dog Hugs Your Leg

Your dog generally hugs your legs because they need something from you. But what do they need? Let’s have a look.


You’ve probably forgotten that it’s lunchtime for your dog. That’s why your dog starts climbing on your leg and hugging them.

Dogs like to wrap their paws around your leg or arm to communicate their hunger with you. They do everything to catch your attention when they’re starving since they can’t prepare their own food.

Always feed your dog on time, so they don’t have to harass you anymore.  


Do you notice anything in your surroundings that might be triggering your dog’s fear? If yes, then that’s probably why they’re hugging your leg.

They wrap their legs around yours to seek comfort, love, and care. Other signs that your dog is fearful include cowering, licking their lips, flat ears, and whimpering.

Some dogs avoid eye contact with people and other dogs they’re afraid of. 

Learn how to help fearful dogs to be more comfortable in their environment. An expert may recommend desensitization training and counter-conditioning.


Your dog might be hugging your leg because they want to play with you. They don’t want to let you go, especially when trying to walk out the door.

Instead, your furry friend wants you to stay for some playtime.

Ensure your dog receives enough socialization so they don’t feel deprived. Otherwise, they will constantly bother you by asking for a game of dog fetch or tug of war. 

A few minutes of playtime with your dog also strengthens your bond with them. It encourages you to be more trusting and loving of each other. 


Dogs can’t talk to us, so they communicate their discomfort in other ways. Some of them hug our legs when they are not feeling well.

Your dog might want to keep you close whenever they are sick, uncomfortable, or awkward because they feel better around you.

Check their body for signs of injury or sickness. Your dog might be limping, excessively licking themselves, or hurting their body.

Learn the other signs that your dog is in pain or discomfort so you can help them. 


Your dog might be climbing on your leg and hugging it because they want to get a lift up from you. This is most likely the reason if you’re on a long walk and they look tired already.

Some dogs quickly get tired of walking, especially low-energy breeds like Bulldogs and Basset Hounds. Senior dogs also feel exhausted immediately after short walks.

Maybe your dog wants you to carry them because they are afraid of dogs they meet. Our puppies are just like babies who want to be held when they feel uncomfortable. 

Do not force your dog to walk in uncomfortable locations for a long time. Try to bring a stroller or carrier to keep them safe. 


Your dog might be hugging your leg because they want to show their love for you. They might not need anything from you at all.

All they want to do is show affection. Don’t forget to give back the love through a good belly rub, pat on the head, or a simple “good boy!”

Dogs are loving creatures who will never betray their owners. They got this loyal behavior from their wolf ancestors and their pack mentality.

The pack mentality is essential in the wild for stability and a higher chance of survival. They protected each other in the wild, expressed submission to the alpha, and shared food.

If your dog is hugging your leg to show their loyalty and affection, be sure to let them know you love them too.


The most common reason your dog hugs your leg is that they are about to hump it. This normal behavior is also known as mounting, which can be embarrassing among many dog owners.

Train your puppy at a young age to stop mounting you. Try redirecting their behavior as soon as they climb up.

You can also teach your dog to sit, stay, or lie down so they will obey you. Make sure to reward them accordingly when they do.

What to Do When Your Dog Hugs Your Leg

How you react when your dog hugs your leg will depend on why they are doing it.

Give Your Dog What They Need

Take note of the word “need” and not “want.” If your dog hugs your leg because they haven’t eaten yet, you should start feeding them.

But if they hug your leg because they only want to have a bite from your burger, then just ignore the behavior. You may also ask them to “stop” or “sit,” then give treats if they obey.

Do Not Reward Your Dog

Sometimes, you’re unintentionally rewarding your dog’s hugging behavior. You start patting their head the moment they climb on your leg, making you reinforce the behavior.

If you don’t want to tolerate this behavior, do not give them any attention. Move away from them, and command them to sit or stay. 

Train Your Dog to Stop Humping

If your dog has developed a habit of mounting, it’s time to train them to stop. Tell them to “stop,” go “down,” or “off.” Then, reward them with a treat or toy once they stop.

If your dog humps on other items, it might help to remove the object. You can also seek professional help if their humping behavior has become unstoppable. 

Why Does My Dog Hump?

Humping can be an instinct or learned behavior, which is normal among dogs. An intact dog, or a dog who isn’t spayed or neutered, humps everyone because of their hormones.

Female dogs also hump, whether it’s sexual or not. Having your dog neutered and spayed can help lessen the humping habit.

Other dogs hump out of mere excitement. This is also known as nonsexual arousal, which helps them burn off energy or alleviate stress. 

This is normal for several dogs, but it would help to train your dog so that it won’t bother you. 

If your dog’s humping habit is getting suspicious or compulsive, it’s best to consult a vet. They might be experiencing medical issues, such as skin allergies, skin allergies, and priapism. 

Why Does My Dog Want Me to Hold His Paw?

Your dog wants you to hold their paw because they want something from you. 

For example, they might want to go on a walk with you, especially if it’s that time of the day already.

Another possible reason your dog wants you to hold its paw is that they are anxious. That’s most likely the cause if they only want you to hold their paw when you’re about to leave or if there’s a thunderstorm. 

You can encourage your dog to let you hold their paw if you find it adorable. But you can also train them to stop if the behavior has been bothering you. 

Learn other reasons your dog wants you to hold their paw

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

Your dog sleeps with their bum facing you because they want to feel safe in their environment. 

Clingy dogs want to stay beside you wherever you go and whatever you’re doing.

Some puppies sleep with their bum facing you because it makes their sleep better and more comfortable. 

During their REM sleep, dogs’ bodies also kick and twitch, which is another sign that they are comfortable. 

Find out other causes of your dog sleeping with their bum facing you

Why Do Dogs Sleep Upside Down?

Dogs sleep upside down because they want to stay cool. They expose their bellies and paws to the air so they can feel more refreshed on a hot day.

Keep your dog more comfortable by turning on the air conditioner. You can also keep them cooler with a cold bath.

Another possible reason your dog sleeps upside down is that they feel comfortable and safe. A dog that feels vulnerable will never place their paws and belly up if an aggressor suddenly arrives. 

Learn the other reasons your dog sleeps upside down and what you should do about it.

Is it Hugging or Humping?

Your dog hugs your leg because they’re hungry, scared, uncomfortable, or happy. But it can also be a precursor to humping.

Stop your dog from hugging your leg by not giving them attention. Give them the “stop,” “sit,” “off,” or “down” command so they won’t do it again.

Another unusual behavior your dog might have is when they curl their paws. Find out why your dog curls their paws and what to do about it.