Can Corgis Swim?

Corgis are one of the best family dogs known for their adorable body shape.

But can Corgis swim?

Corgis can swim like nearly any other dog. But they may experience difficulty doing it.

Find out if Corgis are natural swimmers if they like doing it, and how to safely introduce your Corgi to the water!

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Do Corgis like to swim

Can Corgis Swim?

Yes. Corgis can swim.

Corgis can be great swimmers. Like any other dog, they can swim and paddle their front legs in the water. 

Some might think that Corgis are helpless in swimming because of their short legs, but that’s not true! They have mighty thighs that help them push more water without exerting too much force. 

And their playful nature gives them the endurance to learn and enjoy. 

Training is also easy for most Corgis. They love learning, especially when it involves unique dog skills like swimming.

Here’s a cute video of a Corgi showing off her swimming skills. Aren’t those short legs pretty?

Are Corgis Natural Swimmers?

No, Corgis are not natural swimmers. 

The first thing to consider when analyzing whether a dog is a natural swimmer or not is their occupation in history.

Corgis were originally bred to herd. They worked on the land for many generations because they watched over cattle and other animals.

That is why they have developed a petite body that lets them sprint. They can move in and out of animals without hurting themselves, which explains why they’re so nimble. 

Corgis have short legs and a long body like a Basset Hound, but this anatomical structure is not a hindrance. 

Their excessive energy can make up for the weakness in their physique. They like keeping themselves busy through exercise, which makes swimming a very excellent idea. 

But they don’t have many of the physical traits that make a good swimmer.

Do Corgis Have Webbed Feet?

Corgis do not have webbed feet.

Corgis do not have a thin web membrane between their toes, which Poodles and other swimmer dogs have.

They only have ordinary webbed feet like any other dogs do. These webbed feet allow them to walk on slippery surfaces, such as mud and snow and helped them become better herding animals with stable footing. 

However, this doesn’t mean your Corgi can’t swim. Trust that their huge thighs are powerful enough to push water underwater despite their short legs. 

Do Corgis Like to Swim?

Yes, Corgis do like to swim.

Teach a Corgi any new activity, and they will instantly turn it into a hobby. Corgis can learn to love swimming quickly because of their boundless energy.

Another reason they won’t experience difficulty swimming is their body. Corgis will have no trouble treading the water and paddling because they are strong enough for it.

Give your Corgi extra attention and support while they’re learning how to swim, so they remain enthusiastic about it.

What if My Corgi Doesn’t Like to Swim?

Not being able to push your Corgi to swim should not be a cause of concern.

Understand that your Corgi is made to explore the land and run around. You can give them healthy exercise through playing fetch, jogging, and walking instead of swimming.

But if you want your Corgi to learn how to take a dip in the pool, start early and start slow. Corgis are trainable, but it might take some patience before they enjoy swimming.  

One way to make training easier is by constantly rewarding them for good behavior. 

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Corgi

Consider the following tips before swimming with your Corgi.

  • Give your Corgi a life jacket or life jacket before swimming. Life jackets and life vests are different devices that will help your dog stay afloat without effort. 
  • Have exit points for your Corgi, whether it’s a ladder, ramp, or stairs. Make sure to train them on how to access the area.
  • Continue watching over your Corgi even when they already know how to swim.
  • Wash your Corgi after swimming to avoid dry and irritated skin.

Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Corgi to Water

Take a look at what you should never do when your Corgi is still learning how to swim.

  • Do not train them in the pool right away, especially if they’re still a puppy. Train them in the tub or an inflatable pool instead. 
  • Do not throw them in the pool as a way to train them how to stay afloat independently. It can cause severe anxiety and long-term fear of pools.
  • Do not force them to go swimming when they are scared. Try again another day.

The best way to train your Corgi to swim and perform other skills is through positive reinforcement. Reward them with their favorite treat and give them plenty of encouragement.

Is Swimming Good for Corgis?

Yes. Swimming is good for Corgis.

One of the main benefits of swimming for dogs is that it makes their muscles stronger. It is also a fantastic cardiovascular workout for burning fats and increasing overall strength.

Swimming provides stimulation to Corgis, considering that they have too much energy. They may have destructive tendencies when they don’t burn off this extra energy.

Learn about the benefits of swimming with your dog.

How Old Should Your Corgi Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

You can start teaching your Corgi pup how to swim as early as ten weeks old.

Corgis already have a lot of energy to release at a young age. So ten weeks old is the best time to train them.

It’s a phase in their life where they are open to exploring the environment around them. That means it’s easier to train them early than when they are already adult dogs.

And they get to reap the benefits of swimming even at puppyhood.

Check out the right age for dogs to start swimming.

How Long Can Corgis Swim For?

They say Corgis can stay in the water for 45 minutes to one hour every day.

However, you should only follow this duration if your Corgi is an expert swimmer.

Otherwise, beginner Corgis should only swim for five minutes. As they become better swimmers, you can increase the duration up to 30 minutes. 

Discover how long dogs can swim in the pool.

Can My Corgi Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Your Corgi can swim in your pool. 

The pool is the safest swimming location for your energetic and curious Corgi. No one else could get in the pool while they’re swimming, and you are sure of the pool water’s safety.

The only downside to letting your dog swim in the pool is the possibility of skin irritation due to chlorinated water. Always wash your dog after swimming.

Don’t worry about pool maintenance when you have a Corgi swimming. It will not clog the filter nor ruin the pump. 

Here’s how you can maintain your pool if you have a dog.

Supervise Your Corgis When Swimming

Corgis are proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Thanks to their excessive energy, most of them are great swimmers despite their short legs and heavy trunk.

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular workouts your Corgi could have. But make sure you know what to do after a good swimming session.

Find out if you should wash your dog after swimming.