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best dog brushes

Dogs are pretty good at keeping themselves and their coats neat and clean. However, there are times when they need help with maintaining their hair so the coat remains clean, shed-free, healthy, and shiny.

With the variations that are found in different dog’s coats, including the thickness of the coat and the length of the hair, it can be a challenge to identify your dog’s coat grooming needs and to choose the right brush for him. 

If you want to get your dog a brush right now, we suggest the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush as our top pick for a dog brush.

Most people have to try a whole bunch of different products before they are able to identify the right one for their pooches. But choosing the right brush for your dog does not have to be such a difficult chore. Understanding what kind of coat your dog has can help you help you find the right brush for his needs and also give you an insight into the regularity with which you need to brush him.

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In this article, we will help you identify the kind of hair your dog has and what is the right brush to use to groom his coat. We will also explain the steps you need to take to effectively brush your pup for a vibrant and healthy coat.

The Benefits of Regularly Brushing Your Dog’s Hair

Brushing your dog is an important grooming process for the maintenance of his coat. It is very important and has a number of benefits.

  • It removes excess hair from their coat and stops them from shedding all over your home and furniture. 
  • Brushing also helps prevent matting of their hair. Matted hair causes pain for your dog, and also increases the possibility of parasites or infection festering in the matted hair. 
  • The natural oils present on your dog’s skin and coat are also redistributed across his body when you regularly brush his hair, resulting in a healthy, shiny coat.
  • Regular brushing will also allow you to identify any possible issues like unusual bumps, scratches, or parasites like ticks or fleas on your dog.
  • For dogs that enjoy brushing, the process can be very enjoyable for them, and allows the two of you a bonding opportunity.

Why is Choosing the Right Dog Brush Important

There are a large variety of dog brushes available and it can be difficult and challenging to pick one that meets your dog’s needs. Based on your dog’s coat he may require specific kinds of brushes to help you in maintaining his coat. 

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If your selection is wrong it can adversely affect the overall process and also change the way your dog perceives brushing as a whole.

The wrong dog bush can lead to brushing being an extremely painful process for your pup. While not all wrong brush choices result in hurting your dog, they can still be uncomfortable and very unpleasant. 

That is why it is important that you choose the right brush from the beginning, allowing him to see brushing as an enjoyable experience with you, while also ending up with a healthy, gorgeous, shiny coat in the end.

A negative association with brushing can also make your dog averse to the whole process. Different dogs react differently to brushing their hair. Some might be absolutely happy with someone grooming and combing them while others might not find the process as enjoyable and can try to avoid it altogether. 

Add to this the discomfort or pain from the wrong brush and it might be harder for you to undertake brushing your dog when you do end up finally finding the right one. Why go through the stress? Just choose the right one from the get go.

The wrong brushes that are not meant for your dog’s coat can also potentially harm his coat.

How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Dog

The length of your dog’s coat is the primary deciding factor in choosing the correct brush for his needs. Along with this you should also consider the thickness and the amount of hair they have. Some dogs have multiple layers of coat and this too must be taken into account when choosing the right brush for your dog.

Different types of dog coats and their appropriate brushes are described below to help you pick the right one for your beloved pup.

Short-haired and Medium Coated Dogs

If you have a short-haired dog, like a Labrador, Dachshund, or Greyhound, you already have a heavy shedder. These dogs are known to shed as much as, if not more than, any other type of coat. These dogs require a gentle hair care regime and should not be brushed more than twice or three times a week. 

It is best to use a rubber brush or a grooming glove to remove the loose hair from their coat. These milder brushes remove the unnecessary excess hair but do not affect their skin or pull out unnecessary hair.

Pugs, although being short-haired dogs, are known to shed heavily and thus require special care for their coats. It is best to groom them using slicker brushes.

Long-haired Dogs

These dogs require greater care for their hair as the long hair has a tendency to tangle and form into tufts and clumps. These then can accumulate dust, more hair, and even parasites. 

Some dog breeds that have long hair like this are the Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, and Border Collies. These dogs require regular combing with at the very least a monthly brushing of hair.

The best tools for long-haired dogs are dog combs that should be used daily to go deep into their coat to remove any tangles or mats. Along with this there should be a regular brushing using bent wire pin brushes or soft slicker brushes. The bristles on these brushes will remove the loose hair without causing your dog any pain.

Double Coated Dogs

These dogs have a short undercoat with a longer outer coat. Some dog breeds with double coats are Golden Retrievers, Huskies, and Rottweilers. For these dogs, the upper coat usually does not shed while the short undercoat sheds seasonally. 

De-shedding brushes work well in managing the undercoat in these dogs. There are also specialized undercoat rakes to manage the seasonal shedding of the undercoat. 

Slicker brushes further help in managing the loose and dead hair from the coats of long-haired dogs, preventing clumps of hair flying around your house during the times they shed. 

Curly-haired Dogs

Curly-haired dogs, like Poodles and Bichon Frise, have a dense curly coat of hair. The presence of this dense coat requires them to have a brush that helps detangle their curly hair without damaging it. 

These dogs require regular combing to prevent tangles and knots in their hair. Along with this they also need a comb that has deep separated metal teeth to help separate those curls.

Best Dog Brush

Once you have evaluated what kind of product will best suit your dog’s needs, it is time to select the best product for him from the numerous options available. One of the most versatile products that are effective for dogs with a large variety of hair lengths is the slicker brush. 

So, if you are in the market for a good slicker brush for your dog, look no further. To help you in your selection process, we have chosen some of the most highly reviewed dog brushes for you to pick from. 

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The products listed below are our best picks based on their functionality, effectiveness in successfully dealing with loose hair and tangles, and overall value as an everyday dog brush.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This is the most popular choice for a brush for your dog for removing mats and tangles, along with loose hair, dead skin, and dirt. It is an extremely versatile product that can be used for a range of hair types.

The Hertzko Slicker Brush is also effective in regular brushing for dogs with delicate coats. It has very fine bent-wire bristles, a wide head, and an ergonomic handle. Plus, with the push of a button, it cleans itself. 

The brush’s wide head, however, might be too big for puppies and small dogs. All in all, though, with its competitive price and extremely effective results, this dog brush is durable, easy to use, and makes for a great buy. 

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This is another well-known and highly recommended product for a tangle-free, clean, and healthy coat for dogs. This product is great for dogs with both short and long coats. It has ultra-fine bristles designed to go deep into the dog’s coat to help remove tangled hair, debris, and dirt from the base of the coat. 

The bristles are gentle on your dog’s skin and stimulate the natural oils in their skin and help distribute it throughout the fur. The Pro Quality Slicker Brush also acts as an efficient de-shedding brush. 

One of the biggest advantages of the brush is its simple self-cleaning feature that can be activated with the touch of a button. 

Although it is more expensive than its competitors, what is a bonus is that it comes with a five-year manufacturer guarantee and a free grooming e-book.

FURminator Slicker Brush

This is a product specifically designed to remove loose hair from the coats of dogs with medium, long, or curly hair. It is highly effective in removing mats and is great at untangling and smoothing out the coat. 

The bristles of the brush come with a dual flex design that allows them to contour to the dog’s body while still keeping the bristles in their most effective position. 

Although the brush requires a thorough manual cleaning at the end of every brushing, its highly ergonomic design and high-quality bristles makes the FURminator slicker brush a top rated product. Its affordable price is an additional bonus.

Having a good dog brush can help you manage your dog’s shedding while also keeping his coat clean, healthy, and shiny. Based on your pup’s hair length, you can choose the product that suits your dog’s needs best. 

We think the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a good value and well-rounded product and is extremely effective in reducing shedding, matting, and tangling in a wide variety of dog coats. The good quality, durability, and self-cleaning feature make this one of the best dog brushes for your dog grooming kit.

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