Must Have Dog Denim Jackets for Your Cool Pup

Everyone has at least one piece of denim clothing in their closet. They never go out of style since they are easy to match and they age gracefully! If you want to go twinning with your furry friend, then there’s a variety of selections for them.

If you like dressing up your dog and going out with color-coordinated outfits, then you obviously need to get them a denim jacket! 

To help you out we will talk about the different types of denim jackets you can get your dog. We also rounded up some of the best dog denim jackets you can choose from!

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denim jackets for dogs

Types of Dog Denim Jackets

We bet you thought there’s only one kind of denim jacket for dogs! There are a lot of styles to choose from, most of them are perfect outfits for your dogs when you’re both on vacation. Here are some of them.


Dog denim hoodies look just like those denim jackets for men with a hood and sleeves in fabric material underneath. They give the illusion that your dog is wearing an ordinary hooded jacket under a really cute denim vest!

This style is also the most fashionable in the dog denim jacket section! It helps protect your dog’s head from the heat, rain, and other conditions. 


Denim overalls and jumpsuits for dogs are also the cutest and most unique! The front legs are sleeveless while the back legs are sleeved, to make it look like your doggo is wearing pants. They’re usually fastened securely through buckles or buttons.

Despite the time it will take to put them on and off, your dog will surely be a head-turner in one of these! It can also help protect your dog against mosquito bites and other elements as it covers most of your dog’s body. 


Vests are the most breathable denim jackets for dogs. They are sleeveless and usually act like harnesses. Be sure to pick one that won’t choke your dog. It shouldn’t be too tight on the neck part. Otherwise, their skin will be irritated, especially because denim fabric is can be thick and heavy.

Vests are perfect for the warmer seasons to keep them more comfortable during the heat. 

Sleeved Jacket

Sleeved denim jackets are just like dog denim vests, except their front legs are also covered. They’re perfect for windy days to keep them warm and cozy outdoors. Make sure to pick a sleeved jacket that will keep your dog’s front legs flexible and comfortable when walking and running.

Best Dog Denim Jackets

Here are our top favorite denim jackets for dogs! Each one has a different style that is perfect for different occasions and weather! These also make a perfect gift for your dogs.

MuyaoPet Dog Denim Jumpsuit

This trendy jumpsuit makes it look like your dog is wearing pants! The buckle design and pockets also add fashion to the look. We love how soft and comfortable the fabric is. Unlike other dog overalls, this one is easy to put on because of the garter and simple buckles. 

It’s available in five sizes, and you can use it as an outer layer above your dog’s favorite shirt!

SILD Dog Hoodie

Available in six designs and six sizes, this jeans dog hoodie might just be our top recommendation for you! The soft fabric underneath the denim can cover your dog’s head to protect it from direct sunlight without irritating their skin. 

The denim part of the outfit is also very breathable to keep your dog’s body comfy no matter the season. The classic hoodie will absolutely make your dog look more charming!

Strangefly Dog Jean Jacket

The description of this dog jean jacket says it’s a T-shirt, and it does look like one although you’ll have to button it like a vest. This elegant vest by Strangefly is made of soft and comfy denim fabric that your dog will surely love. 

The buttons make it easy to put on and take off, and it’s also machine-washable! You don’t have to worry about the fabric fading due to the already washed-out look. 

SILD Dog Denim Coat

This sleeved dog jacket comes in four different designs and colors that match your dog’s personality and looks. One even has adorable badges and patches on it! SILD’s dog jacket is perfect for any season, whether it’s hot or cold outside. 

The fabric used will help protect your dog from direct sunlight, rain, and snow! We appreciate their comprehensive size chart that considers the weight, neck girth, chest girth, and back length of your dog to help you pick the right size for your dog!

DIY Dog Denim Jacket

If you have a certain design in mind, or you can’t find the style you like, then why not make a denim jacket yourself? It’s easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Preparing the Materials

Grab a pair of old jeans from your closet. You can also use a flannel shirt or sweatshirt for this. Pick up a tape measure and some chalk for making measurements. 

Step 2: Measure

Measure your dog around the neck below the collar. Make sure to allow a bit of extra room for your dog’s head to get through the denim jacket. It’s much easier to trim off a little more later than make a size that just turns out to be too small.

You can also just trace one of their current jackets to get the measurements of the holes you’ll be making by drawing on the opposite side of the jeans with your chalk. If your dog’s neck and torso fit one leg of your jeans, this is the best place to start.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces

When cutting, allow extra if you plan to sew the edges. At least a quarter inch is enough. The front of your jeans leg will be the part for your dog’s lower back and neck. Make sure the holes you made for their legs are even. Try it on your dog to see if it needs more adjustments!

To make it funkier, try pulling out the threads and adding pockets on their back.

Step 4: Lining (Optional)

Get a fleece scarf, cut it in half, and make a solid piece wide enough to cover the inside of the jacket. This will prevent your dog’s skin from being irritated and will also keep them warmer. Cut it smaller than the denim shell so you can fold or roll the edges and pin them together.

For a visual guide, check out this video!

Your Dog is Born with Great Jeans!

Pun intended! Dogs deserve the best clothes, too. Not only will denim make them look trendy and adorable, but they will also be protected from certain outdoor elements such as dust, heat, rain, and the cold. We all know how dogs love outdoor activities.

Make sure to pick a denim jacket that is not too tight or heavy. A piece of soft and comfortable fabric is always the best option, no matter the style and design!

If you need more fashion tips for your pup, check out these fleece dog coats as well.