The Best Dog Leash That Will Make Your Life Easier

A dog leash is an essential part of your dog training kit. Having the best dog leash for training and walking your dog will make your life easier. You will be able to control your dog better and you will feel comfortable doing it.

Walking a dog without a leash not only makes it difficult for you to stay in control, but it also puts your dog in more potential danger.

Here’s why. Imagine yourself walking your dog down a busy street, and if your dog has not mastered obeying your voice commands he ignores you when crossing the road. At that very moment, there’s an oncoming car and your dog runs in front of it. Incidences like this can be avoided if you have your dog on a leash.

A dog leash will not only protect your pet from accidents, but it also saves them from running off and getting lost. It helps you keep him close to you so that you can monitor what he’s doing. You don’t want an angry driver coming at you about your dog causing an accident.

The best dog leash will help you to train your dog and teach him the right behavior so that you can have better control in all situations. It helps keep your dog’s attention amidst distractions like people, other dogs, other animals, and traffic. Plus, in many places it’s a law that your dog must be on a leash, so make sure you are informed about the laws for dogs in your area.

ABC Radio Sydney also agrees that off-leash dogs are dangerous. They can’t cope with the environment can be easily injured.

So, here’s what you need to know about buying the best dog leash for your pup.

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The Best Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a good leash for walking and training your dog. Let’s take a look at these first.

Length of the Leash

Most leashes will come in a 6 ft length. This is the ideal length to keep it from dangling loosely on the ground and being caught up in twigs and sticks, or tripping you or your dog as you walk. It is also comfortable for most people to use without having to bend your back. Not to mention, it gives you and the dog enough space to walk and explore.

Also, when looking at the length, it’s important that you take into consideration where you’ll be taking your walks. Around busy places like city sidewalks, you’ll want a shorter leash since you don’t want your dog to be too far in front of you and getting in the way of other people.

For training purposes, you will need to look at longer leashes, from 8-10 ft. They will give you the freedom to train commands and watch as your dog follows your instruction.

The Clip Design

This is what you use to attach the leash to the collar on your dog. Your dog’s leash is of no use if it cannot stay on the dog. That’s why you need a strong clip to ensure the leash stays attached. It should be made from a high-quality metal for durability and longevity. You’ll want a clip that can withstand the elements like moisture and corrosion over time.

There are two types of clips for dog leashes:

  • Trigger Snap Clip These clips are loaded with a spring and use a lever to open the clip where you attach the collar ring. They are sturdy and used mostly for dogs that pull. When the dog attempts to pull, the clip creates tension which prevents it from opening.
  • Bolt Snap Clip These are the most common clips. They also use a spring to open, but it is much smaller than the one used on a trigger clip. They are also dependable but you need to do regular checks on the spring to ensure it is not becoming too loose.

Do You Need a Reflective Dog Leash?

If you walk your dog in low light conditions like during the night or in winter, you’ll want other people to be able to see him. Reflective leashes help to make your dog more visible so that motorists can spot your dog and prevent accidents.

Leather or Nylon Dog Leash

Nylon dog leashes are the most common on the market. They are made from man-made fibers that are easy to source so that makes them the most affordable. Nylon is also extremely durable and long-lasting, it is strong and does not break or fray easily. It also dyes easily so you will have a range of colors to choose from.

Better still, nylon cleans easy and dries quickly. However, if your dog is a puller, you may end up with friction burns on your hands without a good handle. It also does not also hold up well if your dog chews on it.

When it comes to leather dog leashes, you get a high-quality and durable material that will last. With that longevity, however, comes a hefty price tag but for many, it is worth the cost, since, over time, leather softens and molds to the hands of the user. Plus it is quite strong, so dogs that chew will find it a bit more challenging to destroy. It is also less likely to cause friction burns.

Different Types of Dog Leashes and Their Uses

Standard Dog Leash

These are the most popular designs, usually made of nylon or leather. They range in size and thickness from 4-8 ft. The 6 ft leash is usually considered an ideal length for everyday use.  The lightweight materials enable the dog to walk comfortably without a dragging leash and give you full control. The thickness you need will differ depending on the age and strength of your dog, with older, larger, and more energetic dogs needing thicker leashes.

Retractable Dog Leash

These leashes allow you to control and vary the length of your lead. They are contained in a plastic case where you can release the leash up to 30 ft and lock that length for more comfortable walking. They give dogs the freedom to play and explore even when they are attached to a leash. These leashes are recommended for well-behaved and well-trained dogs who don’t wander too much and obey your commands.

Adjustable Dog Leashes

These versatile leashes come with clasps along the entire length of the leash. This allows you to lengthen or shorten the lead according to the length you want. They give you the versatility of a retractable leash without the hassle of needing to control your dog too much. These leashes usually range from 3 to 10 ft in length.

Chain Leashes

Chain leashes are not for everyone. They may be good for dogs that tend to chew on softer material leashes. Some can be a little too heavy so you should consider how strong your dog is and whether you want to deal with the extra weight. Keep in mind for puppies you need to use the lightest chain and increase the thickness as they grow. Chain leashes can be difficult to grab in your hands if your dog decides to make a run for it.

Martingale Leash

This kind of leash works together with a martingale collar. It helps to apply a gentle pressure around the dog’s neck when he attempts to pull. It is a type of dog training leash that can help you to give your dog corrections and discourage bad behavior.

Slip Leashes

These are leads which combine a leash and collar in one. They have a clasp and a plastic tube which keeps the collar end in place. With this kind of leash, you should never leave your dog unattended since they can pull too tightly around the dog’s neck and cause strangulation.

Multiple Dog Leashes

These leashes are for when you want to walk more than one dog at a time. They have one handle and several leashes coming from a coupler so you can fit it to multiple dogs. You’ll want to use them only on well-behaved dogs that don’t pull or want to play when walking.

What is the Best Dog Leash?

Primal Pet Gear Heavy Duty 6ft Dog Leash

Our pick for the best dog leash is the Primal Pet Gear dog leash. Primal Pet Gear makes a great heavy-duty leash. We love it because even though it is lightweight it can be used with the strongest and largest breeds. The nylon is durable and long-lasting and it does not give even after constant long-term use.

The best feature of this leash is the two handles. You have the option of using the entire length at 6 ft during normal walks or use it at only 1 ft when walking through crowded places to keep your dog close to you. You can easily limit how far your dog can go to make walks easier.

You’ll also love using this lead as it comes with a nice strong bolt snap. It will never break or come off even with heavy pullers.  Lastly, both of the handles are padded so you can walk your dog for ages without hurting your hands.

Best Puppy Leash

Pet Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Puppies can be easier to control than larger dogs, but they do need a different leash to help you keep that control. The leash must be robust enough to withstand daily use. This dog leash by the Pet Lovers Club is specially designed for puppies.

It is lightweight thanks to the small metallic clip and soft webbing material, and very comfortable in the hands. The handle is padded to prevent friction burns in case your puppy pulls a lot.

It makes for an ideal training tool. At 6 ft long you’ll be able to stay in control while allowing your puppy to walk freely.

This leash comes in multiple colors so you can pick your favorite. The nylon is woven to withstand lots of pressure and it is waterproof so you can visit snowy paths and walk in wet weather without worry. It is essentially the best dog leash for a new puppy as you introduce them to walking and training.

For more on how to leash train your pup, check out this video.

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Best Retractable Dog Leash

Tug Retractable Dog Leash

Walking with your dog can be an awesome experience with the right leash. Sometimes you may need to give your dog more freedom than you can get with a standard leash. This Tug leash is your best bet for a retractable leash for your dog. It can extend up to 16 ft to allow your dog to wander off and explore while you are walking or at the park.

This leash is well-made from high-quality materials making it durable and long-lasting. It has a sturdy plastic casing with an ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle. It has a one hand braking, release, and recoiling system, which allows the leash to be adjusted to the right length easily while walking.

For those that own large breeds this leash can support dogs of up to 110 pounds. It also comes with an attached roll of plastic bags for easy clean up while out and about.

You’ll love it if you like walking in open spaces where you can watch your dog without needing to be too close to him.

Best Leash for Small Dogs

PetSafe Leash

Managing a small dog requires much less effort and a simple yet reliable leash is all you need. We find the PetSafe leash is a good affordable choice for a small, well-behaved dog. It has a single soft layer of durable nylon, making it very lightweight and easy to use.

It includes a robust trigger clip that is ideal for small but strong breeds. The colors are varied with some having reflective elements for use at night.  This leash is also available in a variety of widths and lengths and is ideal for everyday use.

Although it is not entirely waterproof the fact that it is slim and made of nylon means it will dry quickly when it gets wet. PetSafe is a reliable brand that has been around for decades. We believe their products last and that that they have an outstanding reputation.

Best Leash for Large Dogs

Paw Lifestyles 3mm Thick Dog Leash

Large dog breeds take a bit more effort to control and you may need a different type of leash to make walking your dog easier. Especially if your dog tends to pull a lot while walking. The Paw Lifestyle dog leash is the best we have found for large dogs. It is twice as strong as a standard leash and it’s thicker and wider than most.

The nylon is tightly webbed and is complimented by a thick D-ring and a 2-inch metallic clip. It stays attached to the strongest dogs even with constant pulling. If your dog tugs and pulls constantly you will not have any hand burns with the comfortable padded handle.

Another great unique feature is the luminous reflective threading that lights up at night.

If you are looking for a top-quality leash for your strong, large dog, you can’t go wrong with the Paw Lifestyle leash.

Best Leash for Dogs that Pull

ThunderLeash No Pull Dog Leash

Is your dog a puller? If so, then a standard leash may not be the ideal choice. You want your dog to be comfortable and to be able to limit the opportunity for him to pull too much. ThunderLeash gives us the ideal no-pull leash. It has a 2-in-1 design where it starts by attaching to the collar, but then it goes to the underside of the body behind the front legs just like a harness.

It does not use straps or any complicated clips when attaching to the collar. You can even use it as a harness without it clipping onto the collar. It works by applying a little pressure on the dog’s torso when he pulls, to try to discourage that behavior. You can also maintain a firm, comfortable grasp thanks to the padded handle.

This leash is recommended for everyday training as well as for regular daily walks. It is robust, and it promises long-term durability.

For a leash that works to prevent pulling, we can say this is the best we have found.

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Best Indestructible Dog Leash

Logical Leather Training Leash

Whether you want to train your dog some basic commands or are looking for a leash that grows with your pup, the Logical Leather training leash is ideal. It is made from pure grain leather made to military grade standards. It uses a premium nickel clip to withstand the elements. It is built to support weights of up to 245 pounds.

Leather can sometimes be a little dull and lacking color. But with this leash, there are five different colors to choose from. So you can match it with your dog’s accessories or coat. It is not only beautiful, but it will retain its original look as it is treated for water and stain resistance.

With this leash, you get a lifetime guarantee so that if it ever fails, you can always return it.

Best Double Dog Leash

Peteast Dual No-Tangle Double Dog Leash

Walking two dogs just became easy with the Peteast No-Tangle Dual Dog Leash. It has a great swivel design which allows you to adjust it whenever dogs crisscross each other. This means they can walk freely. It is made with polyester and nylon and will keep out moisture and clean easily.

It is smooth to hold and good for your hands as it does not cause friction burns. The handle is well padded with foam to give your palms a soft hold. You don’t need a lot of length when walking two dogs so this is only 4 ft in length. This is a great leash for walking two dogs at the same time.

Invest in a Good Dog Leash

One of the most essential parts of your dog training kit is the leash. Having one that is made of good quality materials and is just the right length will help you gain control over any situation between you and your fur baby

Regular exercise and training with your dog will be made easier with the right dog leash. We hope that you now know how to pick the best dog leash for your pup. Remember to look at the length, weight, and size of the leash before making a decision to ensure you get the best fit for your dog.

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