The Best Dog Collars for Comfort and Training

Training your dog can be a challenging and daunting, so it is important to have the right equipment on hand to smooth your path. Choosing the best dog training collar for your pup is essential to your success.

Dog collars are essential to help you keep control your dog while walking and training. We will help you find the right collar for your dog with our buying guide.

There are a few things you need to consider before choosing your dog collar. We talk about the different types of dog collars you can get and give you some of the best dog collars to choose from.

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best dog collars

Are collars bad for dogs?

According to the humane society of the United States, every dog needs a collar. It might just be a standard collar for hanging ID and vaccination tags, or it may a collar designed for improved training.

Collars are not bad for dogs but the wrong size or type of collar could potentially be harmful to your dog. Remember that all dogs are different and your pup should have the best dog collar to suit their needs.

So, now that you know your dog needs a collar let’s take a look at how to choose the right one.

How to Choose the Best Dog Collar

When starting out in the dog raising world you might be wondering how to choose the first collar for your pet. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice.


Dogs come in many shapes and sizes so this is something you need to consider when getting your dog collar. Make sure you measure your dog’s neck to ensure you get the right collar size. If your dog gets groomed, make sure you know the size of their neck before and after they are groomed so that you can take into consideration any extra inches. Use a cloth tape to measure the correct size.

Here’s a video to help you get correct dog neck measurements for a collar the first time. It will guide you on the type of collar according to the size and how to place the collar on your dog after you buy one.

Some large dogs have lots of energy such that they may keep pulling on the collar. You’ll want to skip the neck collar and go straight for a head collar to prevent incidences of choking and hurting your dog’s neck.

Are you buying a dog collar for a puppy or an adult dog?

Most puppies under six months are inquisitive by nature, so you’ll find that getting them a flat breakaway collar is better than the traditional buckle type. This is because they are more energetic and playful and their collars tend to get caught up with branches and twigs. Older dogs can be better behaved and are used to wearing a collar so don’t tend to pull and scratch at them as much.

Do you need a Waterproof Training Collar?

Leather and vinyl make the best materials for dog collars. For dogs that get wet a lot of the time or spend a fair share of their days outside you should consider whether you need waterproof material for their collar.

With a waterproof dog collar, your dog can venture outside even in wet weather. For active and water-loving dogs this is a necessity.

Do you need a Reflective Dog Collar?

If you get out and about with your dog at night or even late afternoon in winter a dog collar with a light or reflective material is a good idea. It allows you to keep track of him when he’s a few paces ahead of you and more importantly, allows other people and motorists to see your pup as well.

Dog Collar vs. Dog Harness: Which is better?

If you know your dog well you will know if you have a pup that pulls or lunges when walking. If your dog is already well-trained and well-behaved when a dog collar and standard dog leash is all you need. We do not, however, recommend the use of choke or shock collars as a method of dog training. Even for dogs with aggressive behavior, these can be harmful and dangerous for your dog.

Your pooch is a good candidate for a harness if he continually pulls on the leash or lunges suddenly when walking. Some toy breeds like Chihuahuas are delicate and subjecting them to a collar can be harmful over time. Also, some breeds can experience breathing problems while in a collar, so it’s best to use a harness with them. If you are at all unsure about what to use just go for the harness.

Leather vs. Nylon Dog Collars

So, which material is best for a dog collar? Nylon is the most popular material since it is cheap and comes in a variety of lovely colors. It is also lightweight making it an attractive type for small dogs and puppies. Leather, on the other hand, is not as cheap as nylon, but it is usually more durable and holds up well over time. Keep in mind, however, that the bottom line on durability comes with the care you put into the collar you buy. If you take good care of it a nylon dog collar can last for years.

When it comes to comfort and safety they are both comfy but nylon can stretch and become a strangulation hazard since it tangles instead of breaking when caught on something. Leather can break when enough force is put into it but it tends to be a bit stronger.

In the end, the choice is yours. If you like some color and are happy to replace your dog’s collar more often then go with nylon. If you would like something a bit softer and longer lasting go with leather. We always urge that you watch your dog during play to prevent any safety hazards.

Different Types of Dog Collars and Their Uses

These are the different variations of dog collars and their purposes.

Standard Dog Collar

This is a regular collar which usually comes with either a plastic breakaway snap or buckle snap. The breakaway is a kind of quick-release which is useful if your pooch gets stuck on something to prevent choking and strangling. The buckle snap takes a bit more to get done up, but won’t come undone as quickly either.

Slip Collar

This type of collar is combined with a leash to be an all-in-one. It doesn’t use a metal snap hook but includes a stopper so the dog cannot slip out of it easily. These are great for correcting your dog during walks, so when he gets distracted you can bring back his attention quickly.

Martingale Collar

These are best for dogs with slim necks such as Greyhounds and the Afghan hound. It is also designed to help stop dogs that keep slipping out of their collar. The martingale collar will close gently on the dog’s collar when he attempts to back up or pull forward with the intention of slipping away.

Vibrating Collar

This is an electric collar which uses a remote control to send a signal to the dog’s collar. The collar gives a slight vibration to alert your dog and get back his attention. It’s good for training a dog over larger distances so you can monitor him and call him back when wandering.

Personalized Collar

A custom collar can be as much a decorative fashion statement as much as it is a training necessity. Personalized dog collars can have your dog’s name on it, as well as your contact information on them so that someone who finds your dog roaming can bring him home safely.

GPS Collar

This type of collar uses GPS technology to help you to find your dog if he becomes lost.

Choke Collar

These are metallic collars which come with prongs that tighten around the dog’s neck when you pull on the leash. They are usually used as a form of punishment training since they cause pain when trying to correct a particular behavior. These collars do not address the root of your dog’s destructive behavior so your dog may obey at the time but will not likely learn from it. We prefer to use positive reinforcement training so tend to avoid these types of collars.

Shock Collar

This collar is another type of punishment collar. It emits an electric shock to let your dog know if he does something you disapprove of, like barking. If you are concerned about your dog’s welfare, like us, we don’t recommend using this type of collar. Mainly because it causes stress to your dog and can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior.

What is the Best Dog Collar?

GoTags Personalized Embroidered Dog Collar

This is the best dog collar for everyday use. This strong nylon collar can be personalized with your dog’s name and your contact phone number permanently embroidered on it. It is made with a high-quality nylon webbing, a non-corrosive stainless steel D-ring for tag and leash attachment, and a secure plastic side release buckle for easy one-handed quick release.

This collar is available in 4 adjustable sizes for dogs with neck sizes from 8 to 26 inches. You’ll love choosing from the many colors of the collar and threading to suit your pup.

Care and maintenance for this collar is a breeze. It is machine washable making it ideal for dogs that like playing in poodles and on rolling on dirt paths. It’s essentially the best collar for everyday use.

If you also want a waterproof and reflective dog collar you can step up to the GoTag 100% Waterproof Reflective dog collar.

Best Collar for a Small Dog

Blueberry Pet Classic Nylon Dog Collar

This great dog collar is great for small dogs. It is available in 12 bright colors and best suits dogs with a neck size from 12-16 inches. It is ideal for small breeds that find it easy to slip out of a larger collar when you are not watching. We find it particularly attractive since you’ll be able to connect a leash easily for your training sessions.

This collar is made from nylon and so will not stretch. The plastic buckles are sturdy enough to ensure they will not break to easily. The metal D ring is chrome plated so it will resist rust and corrosion improving its durability.

Best Dog Collar for a Large Dog

Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Collar

The Soft Touch Padded Leather dog collar is a great choice for larger dogs. This collar comes in a range of neck sizes up to 25 inches. It’s well padded and fits-to-size so that it will not put pressure on your dog’s neck or sag and be uncomfortable.

The full-grain leather makes it this a lovely soft collar that is made to last. It comes in beautiful earthy tones like brown, blue, and cream. The buckle and D-ring are all in brass. It is resilient to humid conditions and will not retain any odor or bacteria if your pup plays in water for extended hours.

You’ll also be able to hang ID tags thanks to the inbuilt ring that sits next to the buckle. It assures you that your dog’s ID and other info will always be in place. This is a great dog collar for a lifetime of comfort for your pet.

Best Puppy Collar

Sassy Dog Wear Collar

Training a puppy requires a different kind of collar. The Sassy Dog Wear Collar is a must have for those who want the ideal collar for their puppy. It is an extra small size and adjusts from 6-12 inches.

The great thing about this collar is that it uses quick release buckles that are just perfect for playful puppies. If he happens to get caught onto something, the buckle just snaps out, preventing any strangling. The nylon webbing is tough and won’t be easily torn by puppy teeth.

You’ll find that it is also soft and does not retain an odor after multiple uses. It comes in some great colors and has a bright paw print pattern.

Best Collar for Dog that Pulls

PetSafe Head Collar Gentle Leader
If you can’t seem to stop your dog from pulling and lunging uncontrollably, then it’s time you get a good head collar. The PetSafe Gentle Leader is the way to go if you look forward to calm and relaxing walks with your pup.

It is a painless and stress-free way to stop any unwanted behavior when you are out with your dog. It comes with adjustable nylon material which sits like a halter around your dog’s head and neck. The strap that goes around the dog’s muzzle is also adjustable for a comfortable fit.

With it, your dog loses leverage if he attempts to jump. It comes with a DVD with instructions on how to use it effectively, so you’ll have an easy time getting your dog used to wearing it.

All in all, you’ll achieve control as well as instilling the correct behavior in your dog.

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Best Indestructible Collar for Dog that Chews

Dazzber Martingale Heavy-Duty Dog Collar

The Dazzber Martingale is built with the active dog in mind. It is made from the same materials that are used to make car seat safety belts. It is three times tougher than other polyester brands making it the best option for dogs that like to chew. The martingale design ensures that it will close when your dog attempts to bend to try and chew on the collar.

This collar is guaranteed to last through all types of outdoor activities from running, swimming, and even hiking. It designed to withstand stress with its tensile strength technology. The metallic ring comes in five electroplated layers with two rust-proof coatings. It will retain its brightness for the longest time possible.

The Dazzber Martingale is a premium quality dog collar for even the most energetic and destructive dogs.

Choose The Best Collar for Your Dog!

We hope we have given you enough information so you can now go out find what you are looking for in terms of the best dog collar for your needs. Remember to ensure that get the right size for your dog and you always leave two fingers between the collar and the dog to prevent choking.

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