The Best Dog Jackets for Winter to Keep Your Dog Warm and Dry

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We all need to rug up during the colder months of the year. As well as taking care of ourselves and our family it is important not to forget our furry friends when it is colder than usual.

Once you learn how to tell if your dog is cold, you might need to find a winter coat for your dog to keep them as warm and comfortable as possible.

Keep in mind not all dogs need a coat for cold weather. Some dogs love the cold and are bred for it. If your dog does need a coat for winter we will tell you how to choose one and give you some of our recommendations for the best winter coats for dogs.

best winter dog jacket

How to Choose a Winter Coat for Your Dog

So you know your dog needs a winter coat but how do you choose from all the ones available? Here’s a few points to consider.

  1. Think about your climate and the weather your dog is exposed to. Does it rain a lot you? If so, may need something waterproof. Is it very windy? If so, you might need a dog jacket that has wind protection. Do you get a lot of snow? You may need one with some insulation and several layers of protection
  2. Is your dog an inside or outside dog? An outside dog will possibly need something warmer and more resistant to the elements. For an inside dog, you may need a lightweight coat to add an extra layer when indoors, plus a thicker coat for outside ventures. Or maybe a raincoat for outdoor walks.
  3. Comfort and fit are important when looking for a winter coat for your dog. Too tight and it will restrict their movement. Too loose and it could drag on the ground or your dog could pull it off. Be sure to measure your dog’s’ chest, length, height and weight and check size and measurements when making your purchase. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Many of the products we recommend below have reviews with complaints about wrong sizing. Check and double check your measurements. If a coat doesn’t have measurements that match your dog’s then don’t buy it. Send a message to the seller before you purchase if you have any questions and make sure you are able to return it if it is not suitable. As with any online purchase, read the descriptions thoroughly and check measurements before you buy.
  4. If you walk your dog anywhere near traffic or at night you should look for reflective strips on your dog’s outside coat. This will help with visibility for yourself and others.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Cold Weather Jacket

Back: Measure the length of your dog’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Neck: Measure the circumference of dog’s neck for a snug fit. Do not add an inch like you would with a collar.

Chest: Measure the girth at the broadest part of the chest and add 2 inches.

If your dog is in between sizes you can opt for the larger size if the jacket has adjustable straps. This can be better than getting something too small and too tight.

Here are a few of the best dog coats for cold weather that we recommend.

Best Dog Jackets for Winter

MIGOHI Dog Jackets for Winter Windproof Waterproof Reversible Dog Coat

This is a popular dog blanket style coat that has a reversible feature. The inner layer is warm and cozy, while the outer is water-resistant and sleek.

What we love the most about this jacket is its plaid design, which makes dogs 10 times more adorable when wearing it! It’s made of high-quality polyester fabric and filling.

Reversiblefew sizes available
thick material 

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

This is a reversible quilted dog jacket marketed to athletic “adventurous” dogs. So if your dog likes to be out and about, livin’ it up in all types of elements then this is the one for you.

This is a lightweight coat made of quilted material filled with Polytech fill.

It is waterproof so suitable for wear in the rain and snow. And it is machine washable for easy cleaning.

It has a zipper opening for easy use with a leash or harness.

The x-small size fits dogs with a 12-inch neck and a 15- to 20-inch chest and the x-large size fits dogs with a 24-inch neck and a 35- to a 45-inch chest.

It comes with the Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.

ReversibleNo protection in neck area
Zipper opening for leash 
Machine washable 

Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest for Small Dogs

This lightweight soft fleece coat is designed for smaller dogs. It is a 100% polyester fleece vest that will keep your dog warm and comfortable.

It has an O-ring attached on the back that can be used whenever you need to walk your dog without having to pull out a collar or a harness (please note that for safety reasons, they advise owners against using the O-ring if your dog pulls vigorously).

This is a slip-on jacket with no adjustable straps. So correct measurement is important for this one. It is more like a jumper you put on to keep warm rather than for snow and rain.

It is machine washable for easy cleaning.

LightweightNot waterproof
Machine washableNot adjustable
O-ring attachedNo reflective strip
 Suitable for small dogs only

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

This is a stylish vest that is waterproof, wind-proof, and reversible! It’s comfortable, warm, and finely detailed!

It is machine washable, made of polyester fiber, and provides average protection to your dog.

Available in 8 sizes, this vest hs an Easy HOOK&LOOP Closure technology which makes it easy to put on ad take off on your dog!

waterproofdoes not cover the whole neck
Machine washableNo reflective strip

The Best Dog Raincoat

Maybe you don’t need something for cold weather but just want to keep your dog protected from wet weather. A raincoat may be all you need to help eliminate that wet dog smell that comes with rainy weather.

PetCee Dog Jacket Waterproof

This is a fashionably designed dog jacket with a high-quality waterproof nylon cloth outer layer. It also has a 100% polyester fleece inner lining for warmth.

There is a buckle on both sides of the chest and neck, with the chest one being adjustable.

It is machine washable for easy cleaning and also has a leash attachment for walks.

There is a range of sizes to choose from x-small with a chest measuring 14.2-15.7 inches to XXXL with a chest measuring 32.3-39.4 inches.

It is best suited for small to medium breeds such as Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terriers, and Bulldogs.

There is a 100% return guarantee for an exchange or refund.

This raincoat may not hold up well under pressure or wear. Some people have complained about the velcro straps ripping after a short amount of time.

WaterproofMay wear easily
Fleece liningVelcro straps may rip
Adjustable straps 
100% return guarantee 

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho, Rubber Ducky

This is a lightweight water resistant taffeta rain poncho with a hood. It is great for dogs that don’t need any added warmth in their raincoat.

It has an adjustable velcro waistband and a leash access hole.

Sizes range from xx-small that fits a length of 10-inches and a girth of 12-16 inches. To xx-large that fits a length of 26-inches and a girth of 24-33 inches.

It comes with a convenient carrying pouch so you can carry it wherever you go for unexpected wet weather.

It is hand washable and comes in a variety of colors.

It is easy to put on, just lay it on your dog’s back and secure the velcro belly band and the snaps across the chest. You may have to fold back the hood a bit if it is over your pup’s eyes.

LightweightHood doesn’t stay in place well
Water resistant Taffeta shellNo warmth layer
Adjustable Velcro 
Great for long-haired breeds that don’t need any added warmth 
Convenient carrying pouch 

Best Dog Anxiety Jacket

This is not something that every dog needs but may be something to consider if your dog gets stressed or anxious. This often happens during thunderstorms and fireworks. Keep in mind that this does not work for all dogs, but some people have had success with them and found that it helps their dog during stressful situations.

ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

The patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement.

Calms your dog during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more with no training and no medication so your dog stays drug-free. Great for rescue dogs.

Already over 80% successful at helping millions of dogs. Recommended by thousands of vets and trainers.

There is a money-back guarantee so if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return for a refund of your purchase price.

The idea is that it applies a gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant.

It is soft yet durable.

We hope this has helped you find a great winter coat for your pup. Some other things you might consider are some snow boots or paw protection wax to keep your dog further protected from the elements.