Do Dogs Like Being Under Blankets?

Have you ever noticed your dog enjoying your blanket way too much? Some dogs love to snuggle under the comfy covers, even when it’s warm, because it’s in their nature.

Dogs that were originally bred to hunt in tunnels and dens will burrow under blankets out of natural instinct.

Find out the other reasons dogs enjoy being under a blanket and whether it’s safe to let them indulge in this behavior.

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Dogs like being under blankets

Why Do Dogs Like Being Under Blankets?

Dogs like being under blankets because it’s in their nature. Burrowing is a behavior they inherited from their ancestors.

Clarissa Fallis, a canine behaviorist, reports that dogs tend to mimic this innate behavior from their ancestors. 

Small- to medium-sized hound dogs and terriers grew up in small dens and enjoyed wandering the wild. Some of these breeds include Beagles, Dachshunds, and Jack Russell Terriers.

These dogs enjoyed hunting smaller prey that lived in dens, tunnels, and underground. So, they bring this strong prey drive with them despite now being domesticated.

But it’s not just small dogs who like being under the covers.

Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies also have this instinctual behavior of burrowing. In their case, they would dig into the snow as a way to keep themselves warm. These snow dogs also did this to camouflage themselves from predators.

So that explains why dogs like burrowing under the covers. Both snow dogs and hunting dogs don’t do it out of survival anymore but out of warmth and comfort.

They may also do it to keep themselves warm in the cold weather. If your dog does not have access to a warmer area in the house, they become resourceful by hiding under your sheets.

Some dogs may also love being under the blankets because they’re used to being around their siblings and mother at a young age. Dogs are pack animals and they sleep beside their fellow puppies and cuddle each other from birth.

Your dog might be sleeping under the blankets because they want to feel the touch of a family member while sleeping. It’s not always because they like the blanket. Instead, they like who’s under the blanket.

Burrowing under the covers could be your dog’s way of thinking of you as a member of their pack or family.

Do Dogs Like Blankets When They Sleep?

Some dogs love using a blanket when they sleep, while others don’t.

Some dogs may like to sleep with a blanket on if they suffer from fear or anxiety. They use it to shield themselves from possible threats while they slumber.

This behavior could be a result of a past experience they had while sleeping. An animal might have attacked them, or they may be afraid of the dark.

Some dogs get scared at night because they feel alone. Burrowing under the blankets makes them feel like they are with their pack.

Training your dog can help in removing their fear. It will also help if you sleep next to your furry friend. Doing so lets them know that they are safe with a member of the pack.

Dogs also like to sleep under blankets because it’s cold. Puppies, small breeds, and short-haired dogs are most likely to do this.

Let your dog inside the house and turn on the heat when it gets cold. 

It will also help to provide them with plenty of food and water. They will have more energy to burn and the ability to regulate their temperatures.

Is it Safe for My Dog to Sleep Under the Covers?

Yes. It’s safe for dogs to sleep under the covers, but it’s still essential to understand the risks.

The most common disadvantage of letting your dog sleep beneath the covers is if they panic. And puppies are more likely to experience this.

They might be shocked if they get too warm under the covers and can’t find a way out. Be sure not to tuck in the corners of your sheets, so your dog has an exit.

Although this rarely happens, small-breed dogs like Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Yorkshire Terriers might suffocate when left under the covers for a long time. 

Thick-haired dogs might overheat if the blanket is too thick, and they don’t get enough ventilation. 

Sleeping under the covers is more helpful than harmful for your pooch. It helps them cope with symptoms of fear and anxiety on their own.

Instead of overly-depending on humans, dogs seek comfort from their blankets. But proper training and a visit to the vet can still solve any behavioral issues long-term.

Can My Dog Suffocate Under Blankets?

No. There is very little chance your dog might be short of breath if they sleep under blankets.

Your dog might act like they cannot breathe under the covers. But they’re probably just panicking. They’ll quickly move on once they find their way out.

While this rarely happens, puppies and small breeds are more likely to feel out of breath under thick bedding. 

Choose a bedding material that provides enough circulation, such as cotton, bamboo, and linen. Avoid wool, cashmere, and fleece as they keep the warm air inside the small space.

If your dog is used to hiding under the covers, there’s no need to worry. They are happily living out their instinct to find comfort and protection at night.

Can a Dog Overheat Under Blankets?

Dogs can feel hot after burrowing under the blanket for a long time. But it shouldn’t be a problem if they have a way out.

It’s unlikely for your furry friend to suffer from heatstroke because they stayed under the blankets too long. This situation is controllable if your dog can find their way out of the covers.

You might be tempted to buy blankets with large holes to keep the airflow while your pup is playing. 

However, they might claw and chew the material. Puppies might also get their legs or head stuck inside the fabric.

Instead, focus on tight weaving that offers enough circulation. 

Weight also matters. Look for light blankets to keep your dog comfortable.

Do Puppies Need a Blanket at Night?

It depends.

Puppies cannot maintain their body temperature on their own. They could quickly get cold if you live in a cold environment.

Blankets help provide warmth to puppies in the cold. They also offer relief from anxiety and fear.

But they might not need a blanket if it’s warm at night in your home.

Learn if your puppy needs a blanket or not for sleeping at night.

Do Dogs Get Cold?

Yes. Even snow dogs with thick fur can get cold and want to burrow under the covers.

Puppies and small breeds get cold more quickly, while older dogs and large breeds can tolerate the cold better.

But there is no exact guideline on what temperature your dog can handle. It still depends on their age, health, breed, and energy levels.

The general rule is to keep them inside when it’s snowing, even if they are outdoor dogs.

Find out how cold is too cold for dogs so you know how to keep your pup safe.

Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Pillow?

Some dogs love blankets, and others love pillows. 

If your dog sleeps on your pillow, they probably look for comfort instead of warmth and protection.

But these are not a necessity. Dogs can sleep comfortably even without pillows. They probably just like the feeling of sleeping on the cloud-like surface.

Check out the other reasons your dog likes to sleep on your pillow.

Does Your Dog Like to Get Cozy?

Does your dog like getting cozy beneath the covers? If yes, it’s likely because of their nature and breeding.

Dogs sleep under the blanket because they are used to burrowing under the snow or hunting in tunnels and dens. 

Some also long for the embrace they felt from their fellow puppies when they were newborns.

Remember that your dog should always have a way out of the blankets if they feel uncomfortable.

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