Help Dogs Find A Better Life with Dogs Trust

Only a few international organizations exist to rehabilitate and rehome dogs, provide dog training and advice, and conduct research for policy change.

Dogs Trust is a thriving organization that improves tomorrow’s world for all dogs. 

Find out Dogs Trust’s advocacies and projects, how they started, and the many ways you can help the organization. 

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Dogs Trust charity

Who is Dogs Trust?

Dogs Trust is an international organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming furry friends. Its main headquarters is located in London, UK. 

They promise to make tomorrow a better place for all dogs, via their numerous campaigns for rehoming dogs, providing training, and education on important issues. 

The organization also takes pride in providing expert advice to dog owners to help them build a bond with dogs. They also conduct research to ensure their policies and practices are based on reliable evidence. 

Every member of the Dogs Trust organization plays an important role. From canine carers and volunteers to the chief executive, they are here to help dogs and their owners now and into the future. 

How Dogs Trust Started

In the nineteenth century, dogs were used to do specific jobs. Cruel practices were standard, such as prolonged chaining and exploitation. 

But Gertrude Stock started the National Canine Defence League in 1891 to campaign against this cruelty.

They were able to fight against compulsory muzzling while giving out leaflets on road safety to help reduce the number of dogs killed. 

NCDL was able to open rehoming centers and launch many projects in the 1960s. They were renamed to Dogs Trust in 2003.

Dogs Trust began with lobbying the government to introduce compulsory microchipping for dogs. 

Since then, the organization has gone international and launched training classes and education for dogs and their owners worldwide. 

What Does Dogs Trust Do?

Dogs Trust is known for its rehoming centers full of dogs looking for new homes. 

They have several projects that provide individual help for each dog, such as what they did for Stuart the Dobermann with Canicross. 

Dogs Trust also provides training for dogs in their state-of-the-art facilities. You can also consult them on the phone for more dog care advice. 

Dogs Trust also makes life better for future dogs through its campaign against puppy smuggling. They also lobby the government to make policy changes and fund long-term research projects. 

In 2021, the organization was able to care for 10,864 dogs and rehome 8,550 of them. Its foster carers cared for 2,394 dogs.

They also launched a National Dog Survey, where they learn about the nation’s dogs to help guide and inform their work. 

Dogs Trust also opened Dogs Trust Cardiff, which features several dog-focused facilities. It has a grooming suite with 74 kennels, underfloor heating, exercise paddocks, and a training hall. 

If you live near Cardiff, you can visit them from 12 to 4 PM to walk around the center and see the dogs in their care. 

How Can You Help Dogs Trust?

Dogs Trust has made an enormous impact worldwide. Dog Trust Ireland rehomed 862 dogs, while Dogs Trust Bosnia neutered 6,606 dogs. 

If you want to continue helping the organization, there are a few ways to help.

You can donate online to Dogs Trust USA. Doing so will help more dogs get adopted and reduce the number of stray and abandoned dogs.

You can also consider enrolling your furry friend in one of their in-person or virtual dog training classes or join their Professional Development program. This program will inform you about dog welfare and behavior to help these animals find their forever homes. 

Partnering with Dogs Trust USA is also a great idea. The organization supports other organizations dedicated to improving animal welfare. 

Dogs Trust USA ensures donations go to dog care and the development of facilities, from hydrotherapy tanks to training barns and paddocks. 

If you want to support Dogs Trust without spending, you can follow them on social media and share their posts with your friends.

You can find them here:

If they conduct surveys, feel free to answer so they can deliver better programs for dogs. 

From rehabilitating and rehoming to training and research, Dogs Trust’s global impact on dogs has been impressive since the 19th century.

With their continued success over the past 130 years, your donation and support will surely be put to good use.

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