Change Dog’s Lives All Across the Globe with Dogs Without Borders

Is it possible to rescue and rehabilitate stray and abandoned dogs without building an animal shelter? 

Dogs Without Borders says yes. The non-profit organization relies on foster volunteers who provide rescue dogs with temporary homes before adoption.

If you’re interested in supporting the charity, keep reading to learn more about them. Learn how they started, what they do, and the many ways you can donate and volunteer for them. 

Who is Dogs Without Borders?

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Dogs Without Borders charity

Dogs Without Borders is a foster-based rescue organization based in Los Angeles, California. It focuses on pulling small-breed dogs from LA area shelters while working with international rescue partners to rehome furry friends. 

The organization has been able to rescue strays and abandoned dogs as far away as Taiwan and Mexico, thanks to its dedicated volunteers. 

The charity is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue organization. All your donations are tax-deductible. 

How Did Dogs Without Borders Start?

Dogs Without Borders was founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. The small organization was initiated by Galit Reuben and backed by several dedicated volunteers who deeply empathize with these furry friends.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, Dogs Without Borders has not built a facility. They rely solely on foster volunteers to house and care for rescue dogs. 

Its current director is Chloe Lawrence, and the Vice President is Verona Blue. Both are passionate dog lovers who believe they can save one dog at a time. 

What Does Dogs Without Borders Do?

Foster volunteers are the backbone of Dogs Without Borders. Despite not having an animal shelter, they ensure that all the dogs they rescue find temporary homes where they feel loved and secure.

Despite saving thousands of fosters, the organization ensures that all their dogs receive free medical care, food, grooming, and other necessary equipment. 

Dogs Without Borders is proud to have placed more than 6000 dogs since its inception. This has been made possible through generous donations and fundraising events. 

They host regular events like training sessions and Adoption Fairs at Tailwaggers and Petsmart in LA. 

Fill out the adoption application form in advance if you plan to adopt a new dog. Dogs Without Borders will interview you on the spot and help you find a suitable dog for your lifestyle. 

Check out Dogs Without Borders Facebook account to stay updated about their current projects and fundraising events. 

How Can You Help Dogs Without Borders?


If you want to support the initiatives of Dogs Without Borders, you can do so by making an online donation.

Any amount will make a difference in saving more dogs and keeping the organization alive and thriving. You can make a one-time donation through a credit card, check, or PayPal or support them monthly.

Their Venmo account is also up  @dogswithoutborders


You might also want to consider adopting a rescue dog. Dogs Without Borders currently has many beautiful dogs available to suit your lifestyle. 

All their dogs are microchipped, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated. Check out their adoption process and fees for more information.


You can also join the foster program if you have room for a dog and love in your heart. The organization will provide food, bedding, toys, collar, leash, and medical care for your furry friend.

Temporary foster placement allows the organization to operate without a facility, and gives them time to find these pups a permanent home.


If you live locally you can help Dogs Without Borders by volunteering. Be part of the adoption fair or help transport dogs from one location to another. 

You can help set up tables and dog pens at an adoption fair, welcome dogs to the fair, and “market” them to potential owners. 

You can also help the visitors greet and walk dogs to make the event more enjoyable.

You can also volunteer to conduct home inspections before approving adoptions or help with office work. 

Dogs Without Borders will appreciate your input if you have a passion for photography and other creative activities. 

Do you have kids who love dogs? School-aged volunteers are also welcome as long as parents and guardians supervise them. 

Dogs Without Borders is a humble organization that has rescued over six thousand dogs despite lacking a facility. 

Thanks to passionate foster volunteers, more furry friends are given second chances at life.

Support them by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and sharing their story on socials.

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