FurKid Rescue | The Heartwarming Story of How One Organization is Saving Abandoned Pets and Finding Them Forever Homes

Many animal organizations rescue and rehabilitate animals even if they don’t have a physical location. 

They are called foster networks because the rescued animals go to foster homes while being taken care of by the organization.

FurKid Rescue is a foster network rescue that relies solely on donations to rescue and rehabilitate more animals.

Find out about FurKid Rescue, when they started, what they do, and how you can help the organization provide loving homes to dogs. 

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FurKid Rescue foster network

Who is FurKid Rescue?

FurKid Rescue is an animal rescue organization based in South Park, Pennsylvania, that helps furry friends get out of life-threatening situations by providing them with loving homes.

The organization commits to the complete care and training of an animal until they can be placed in an exceptional home.

Aside from training, FurKid Rescue also spays, neuters, and promotes these procedures and their importance at every opportunity.

The network rescue relies on a foster program to temporarily take care of the rescued animals before they are given permanent homes.

FurKid Rescue works on a volunteer basis. This non-profit organization survives thanks to donations, partnerships, and continuous support given by everyday extraordinary people. 

How Did FurKid Rescue Start?

FurKid Rescue started in 2008. A team of animal lovers was dedicated to rescuing Pit Bulls because they needed to be rescued the most.

The organization believes that Pit Bulls are the most misunderstood breed because of the stereotypes attached to them. 

But this stigma comes only from their reputations as fighting dogs, understandably making people wary of their large jaws and muscular frame.

Over the years, FurKid Rescue also became concerned with the increase of puppy mills and backyard breeders. 

They have since become an all-breed rescue that aims to save all types of dogs, welcoming dogs with parvo, dogs who have been shot, as well as homeless cats and pets with disabilities. 

What Does FurKid Rescue Do?

FurKid Rescue rescues dogs and cats in their area without discrimination. Regardless of size, age, breed, and health, every animal that needs help is welcome in the organization.

FurKid Rescue stays strong through their foster programs despite the lack of a physical location. 

They give animals the best foster experience possible, not only for their comfort but also to implement positive reinforcement training methods and ensure they get the best care imaginable. 

The organization not only makes sure every dog finds a permanent home. They also conduct thorough assessments of whether they will be safe and secure in your hands.

FurKid Rescue reminds everyone who adopts that they should expect at least a 10-year commitment and are willing to work through a transitional adjustment period that may last a few months or longer.

Check out FurKid Rescue’s Happy Tails page to learn about the success stories of adopted dogs from the organization. 

Discover how Pokey, Kristen, Leo, and other animals are adjusting well to their new homes, thanks to the rehabilitation program of FurKid Rescue.

How You Can Help FurKid Rescue

FurKid offers plenty of ways for people to help. But they appreciate financial donations the most because running the rescue takes enormous human and financial resources. 

Every donation helps toward their mission and is a step toward sending another animal into a loving forever home.

Donate on FurKid Rescue’s donation page using your credit card or PayPal so they can continue saving these precious lives. 

The organization also has an Amazon Wishlist, which involves items that these furry friends need, from food to crates to beds. 

Aside from fulfilling their wishlist, you can also volunteer for the organization’s facility. FurKid Rescue is looking for help at events, with foster families, and help with adoptions. 

Fill out the foster application form and wait for a response from the organization so you can have the opportunity to be a foster guardian to more furry friends. 

If you want to adopt a dog or cat from their shelter you can find out how here

FurKid Rescue also appreciates small acts of kindness that promote their organization. Check out FurKid Rescue’s Facebook page for more information on their upcoming projects. 

Share their initiatives with your followers on Facebook and Instagram and attend their events. 

FurKid Rescue works on a volunteer basis by relying on donations to rescue more dogs and sustain their foster program.

They are dedicated to finding forever homes for their dogs where they will be loved, cherished, and treated as a member of the family.

Consider donating, volunteering, or adopting at FurKid Rescue now.

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