Can Beagles Swim?

Swimming is an amazing activity for energetic dogs like the Beagle.

Yes, Beagles can swim, but they need a lot of training and encouragement.

Find out whether Beagles are natural swimmers and if they like the water.

Learn some great safety tips for swimming with your Beagle, how to train them, and more. 

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Do Beagles like to swim

Can Beagles Swim?

Yes. Beagles can learn how to swim. 

However, their personality and physical limitations can prevent them from taking to it like other breeds.

Some Beagles can swim right away, while others require consistent training to stay afloat and paddle.

Training them early can help improve their attitude towards the water as they age.

But don’t expect your Beagle to be a great swimmer. This breed prefers to do scent work in the woods rather than getting wet in lakes and ponds.

Some Beagles are easy to train. Try taking your adult Beagle to a nearby pool. Put them in a life jacket and watch how their legs move underwater.

However, you may notice that your Beagle will want to get out of the water pretty quickly.

Are Beagles Natural Swimmers?

Beagles are not natural swimmers because their physical traits put them at a disadvantage in the water. 

Most Beagles are not naturally gifted at swimming because they were bred for hunting. 

Their body is compact and weighs 22-35 pounds. While they can easily stay afloat and paddle, they generally do not enjoy swimming.

This short-haired dog can easily get cold in the water because their coat is too thin. 

Because it isn’t water-proof, they can get soaked in water easily and their body weight pulls them down.

Their legs are shorter than most water breeds, so they need to work harder to paddle. As a result, they become tired after only a few minutes in the water. 

Beagles were bred to hunt hares and rabbits and track them with their strong sense of smell. 

Even when they came across the water while working, they didn’t have to swim to catch their prey.

They spend most of their time on land, either doing nose work and hunting or staying at home with their humans.

This video of Oliver the Beagle shows what it’s like for the breed to swim for the first time.

Do Beagles Have Webbed Feet?

Yes. All dogs, including Beagles, have webbed feet. 

However, not all webbed feet are functional for swimming. Beagle’s webbed feet are too thin to be effective in the water. 

They’re more useful for muddy and rocky terrain.  It helps them grip the mud without sinking.

Their webbed feet are not as prominent as the Golden Retriever or the Irish Water Setter, which creates a large flat surface to move through the water with more force. 

Beagles can still swim with their webbed feet, but it won’t be as fast. 

Do Beagles Like to Swim?

No. Beagles do not like swimming because they have a hard time doing it. 

Their short legs can make them easily fatigued. Some dislike swimming because it is difficult for them to learn. 

To keep swimming interesting for your Beagle, you need to start them young. 

The Beagles’ attention span is short. They like pulling on the leash to do other things instead of working. 

They can also get into a lot of trouble when working off-leash.

They may swim for a bit, but then they’ll want to get out of the water and run around or play with their toys.

Do Beagles Like Water?


Beagles may like water, but not as much as they love the land. 

They might play in shallow parts of the pool or on the beachside the way their ancestors crossed shallow streams while hunting.

Some are hesitant with water, even when bathing. They may not jump in unless they see another dog jump in first. 

You can get your Beagle to love the water, then you can take them swimming for fun and exercise. 

After all, this breed needs an outlet for their excessive energy. The Beagle is one of the 15 most active dog breeds of all sizes.

They are on the same list as the Corgi, Border Collie, and German Shepherd. 

However, this energy declines at an early age. At around three or four years old, the Beagle may not like the activities they enjoyed as puppies.

What if My Beagle Doesn’t Like to Swim?

It’s fine if your Beagle does not enjoy swimming. What matters is they know how to swim. 

Learning how to paddle, stay afloat, and get out of the pool is important for every dog’s safety. It can keep your dog safe if they accidentally fall in the pool. 

Teaching them at a young age will guarantee pool safety. Use positive reinforcement techniques during training. 

Take advantage of their naturally curious mindset when teaching them. Take them to a lake or beach they have never been to so they can get excited.

However, if they don’t like to swim, don’t force them. Some dogs were not bred to enjoy the water. 

They would rather release their energy running, playing fetch, and walking around the neighborhood. These activities are just as fun and beneficial as swimming.

If you’ve lured them with their favorite treats and toys and they still don’t follow you, it’s best to respect their boundaries. 

This informative video shows how well Beagles can swim.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Beagle 

Keep your pup safe in the water at all times.

  1. Always have them wear a life jacket or life vest. 
  2. Watch them carefully, and always assist them.
  3. Do not let them stay in the water for too long.

The life jacket keeps them buoyant so they don’t get tired easily.  It’s also a must for beginners and dogs who are about to swim in large bodies of water.

A brightly colored life jacket or vest contrasts the water, making your dog more visible if they swim too far. 

Check out our top life jacket and life vest recommendations for dogs. We also have sunscreen, towel, and harness suggestions that are ideal for swimming.

Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Beagle to Water

Here are some things you shouldn’t do when introducing your Beagle to water:

  1. Do not throw your dog in the pool. 
  2. Do not let them swim without a life jacket.
  3. Do not teach them how to swim without teaching them how to get out of the water. 

Let’s go through them one-by-one. Throwing your dog in the pool may cause accidents and anxiety. It can have long-term effects on your dog’s feelings toward the pool.

A life jacket means less effort to paddle so they stay afloat without getting too tired.

Lastly, our Beagle must know how to access the exit points of your pool. 

If you don’t have in-built stairs on your pool, get an attachable ramp or ladder for them.

Find out how to get your dog out of the pool.

Is Swimming Good for Beagles?

Yes. Swimming is a good form of exercise for your Beagle. 

Try playing in the water with them for more fun and stimulation. 

It also keeps your Beagle cool when it’s too hot to go outside.

The cardiovascular workout also helps your Beagle build muscle without hurting their joints. It helps them relax, lose weight, and be happy.

Check out the benefits and downsides of swimming for your dog.

How Old Should Your Beagle Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Beagle should be around ten weeks old before they start swimming. 

It’s best to start them at this age since their energy levels decrease early. Around three years old, the Beagles do not find some activities exciting anymore.

Begin by introducing your Beagle to water in a small pool or tub. Or take them to a shallow area of the pool where there are no waves or other swimmers. 

Let them play on the stairs until they are ready to swim.

Find out more about the right age to teach your dog how to swim.

How Long Can Beagles Swim For?

Beagles should swim for only 10-15 minutes at a time. 

Keep the sessions short so they don’t get tired easily. 

Swimming is more physically demanding than other exercises, so it counts as a well-rounded workout.

You can give them an additional 10 minutes if your Beagle is already good at swimming. However, this is unnecessary.

Forcing your Beagle to swim for a long time may make them dislike the activity. 

Long sessions are only recommended for water breeds like the Golden Retriever or the Poodle.

Learn how long your dog can swim for.

Can My Beagle Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Your Beagle can swim in the pool as long as you teach them not to drink from the pool water. 

Pool water may not be harmful to your dog, but it may cause an upset stomach. 

Discover what you should do if your dog ingests pool water.

Your dog can swim in the pool without clogging the filters. 

The Beagle’s short coat sheds little, so it won’t harm your pool filter.

But you still need to clean it from time to time. 

Find out how to maintain your pool when you have a dog.

Introduce Your Beagle to Swimming Early

Dog breeds like the Beagle are easier to train at a young age when they are still energetic, inquisitive, and sociable. 

Remember the safety guidelines before letting your dog swim, such as using a dog life vest, applying sunscreen, and not leaving your dog unattended.

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