The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

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Dogs are intuitive, non-judgmental, and always full of love for you! It’s no wonder why we love them so much.

Since many people are dog-obsessed, it’s likely that you have at least one dog lover in your life. 

So what should you get a dog lover?

It’s really not that difficult to pick out some great presents for them, but for uniqueness and novelty’s sake, here’s a gift guide to help you out! 

dog owners gifts

Wipe Your Paws Door Mat

This one is for the person who wants to let everyone know they are a dog lover even before they enter the house!

The “wipe your paws” statement on this doormat, surrounded by the dog paw prints, make this mat extra adorable!

Aside from the amazing design, this doormat is made of thin yet strong fibers that can strip off dirt, mud, snow, and grass from shoes and dirt.

The natural coconut fibers are sustainably harvested to create this modern-looking, weather-resistant mat.

Fusion Gate Limited Edition Dream Dog Art Screen Design

If you know someone who isn’t only fond of dogs but also interior design, then this functional gate will definitely stand out in their home!

This gate, which can be used for dogs and babies, has an intricate design of dogs’ silhouettes with some spiral decorations. 

The gate is available in three colors and sizes, and it also boasts the durable yet lightweight aluminum framing that it is made of.

This material has polycarbonate panels that allow light to stream into the house. Check it out here!

Fred Winer Dogs Drink Markers

Fred Winer Dogs

These tiny yet super cute ornaments are perfect for someone you know who loves dogs and hosting parties! These wine charms are not only used as accessories for wine glasses, but they also ensure guests not to lose sight of their glass at get-togethers. 

These smart additions to your home bar include 6 pieces of 1.5-inch dog charms made with non-toxic silicone.

They come in assorted colors and can be easily hand-washed! Get them here!

Dogeared Women’s “Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are” Tote Bag

Tote bags may be simple, but they go with any outfit and look better with artworks or statements on them.

This bag from Dogeared is perfect for the casual type of dog lover who likes to keep things handy! 

This reuseable bag comes from a brand which is considered as a Certified B Corporation because of their dedication to sustainability.

It is constructed with high-quality fabric with a dual handle and an interior slip pocket. Buy it here.

Bling Jewelry Tiny Paw Print Stud Earrings

Let your dog lover friend show off their love for their furry friends through fashion!

This pair of earrings are dog-themed and perfect for any outfit because of their simplicity and elegance.

They are made of .925 sterling silver and weighs 1.8 grams, making them suitable for teenagers and adults alike.

Check out the earrings here.  

We Rate Dogs! The Card Game

We Rate Dogs! is a card game based on the popular Twitter account, @Dog_Rates, which features and humorously rates adorable dogs from around the world.

With over 8 million followers, the account owners created their own merchandise and this fun card game for 3-6 players for dogs to compete in a show based on the following categories: floof, sass, boopability, zoom, ears, and wags!

The set includes 50 dog cards, 100 event cards, 1 category die, winner’s circle board, first player card, and player tokens!

It’s great for a group of friends who love their four-legged buddies! Buy the game here.  

Dog Shirt “If I can’t bring my dog, I’m not going”

Know someone who would say this? Then give them this ridiculous yet hilarious statement sweatshirt for women!

It’s available in different colors and sizes to fit any bottom, shoes, and accessories.

The shirt is a nice heathered fabric that has that soft vintage look. It’s cozy and fleecy inside, making it perfect for the cold weather.

It’s made of 50% polyester, 46% cotton, and 4% rayon. Check it out here

AtoZCandles Fur Mama Soy Candle

This is perfect for the fur mama who enjoys spa treatments and self-care time at home!

The candle is available in different sizes and fragrances. Some of the scents include apple cider donut, cinnamon buns, cozy blanket, sugar cookies, and under the mistletoe!

We are in love with the packaging of the candles and the aesthetically pleasing labels on them! Check out the other fragrances and details here

Paw and Bone Silicone Dog Paw Molds With Recipe Booklet

For the doggie parent who enjoys baking treats and snacks for her furry friend, this set of baking molds are perfect!

Not only do we love the paw print and dog bone designs, but we also adore the recipe books that include recipes for baked treats, frozen goodies, and bone broth!

We trust this brand as they were inspired to create products because of their own dog, Susie, who had lots of allergies.

The owners became experts in dog food and they believe every dog, like Susie, deserves the tastiest and healthiest meals! Buy the molds here.

Wild One Air Travel Carrier

Wild One Dog Carrier

Looking for the perfect gift for the travel lover and dog enthusiast?

This one might be made for them, especially if their dog is only a small one! Let them travel and carry their dog in style with this dog carrier.

The carrier has breathable mesh walls, a dual-use leash or shoulder strap, as well as an interior cushion that folds out to be a bed!

It’s airline-approved for dogs up to 16 pounds. Check it out here

Atticus The Schnauzer Charm

CCFJ Dog Charm Atticus

Atticus’ dog-themed charms can be worn alone on the chain or layered with other charms. This schnauzer-designed charm is a cute accessory gift to your dog lover friend! 

These charms are made of sterling silver, gold plate, and 1.5mm white diamond. The chain is adjustable from 16-18 inches. 

You can buy the charm here

SewAwesomeStore Pug Dad Cap

PugDad Dog Baseball Cap

This baseball cap has a tiny picture of a pug embroidered on it! It’s perfect for men and women alike and has a wide variety of colors!

The store also customizes caps with other designs that may suit your dog lover friend/family better!

Their baseball cap is hand-made purely out of cotton twill with a cool crown mesh lining and 6 panels! Check it out here.

ZKPortraitsWorkshop Custom “Queen” Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

If you know a relative or a friend who loves their dogs to bits and pieces and wouldn’t mind hanging up a huge picture of them on their wall, then have their dog’s picture customized into this royal design with a frame as a present!

This custom digital drawing is done from a tablet and digital art pen to make sure each detail is perfectly drawn.

You can make suggestions along the process until it is ready to be printed on any type of canvas you want! Check out the details here.   

Lacheln Corgi Dog Butt Small Coin Purse

Who doesn’t love corgis and their squishy butts that look like marshmallows? This simple but cute gift is for someone quirky who likes anything dog-related!

It’s great for kids who like to keep their money in small purses too!

Aside from the cute corgi butt, the purse also features two small paws right below it, making the item more cuddly and attractive.

It’s made of soft plush fabric that is lightweight and durable. For more information, click here

Jeasona Women’s Fun Dog Socks

These funky novelties are awesome for friends or family, kids or adults, and men or women, as long as they love dogs!

These socks offer comfort and cuteness in one to keep you warm during the cold season.

Available in seven unique designs, these adorable socks are made of cotton, acrylic, and spandex. They’re fuzzy, comfy, light, and soft! Buy them here.

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship Sculpted Figure

This is perfect for your best friend who loves dogs! The sculpted figure is made to celebrate friendships and to remind them how much we want to stay close with them.

The angel carrying a dog in her arms is packaged in a fitted box with a card that says. “For those who share the spirit of friendship.”

What we love about this product is that they are carved and painted by the artist Susan Lordi herself.

They make great displays for the shelf, table, or mantel. Check out the figure here.

Sips & Gifts Stainless Steel Tumbler

Know someone who literally just wants to drink wine and pet their dog? This present is perfect for them!

This tumbler also works well for coffee, juice, and even just water. Give it to someone who’s always on-the-go with their dog.

The stainless steel tumbler, aside from the stemless feature and the straw, has a premium powder coating that makes it more classy and durable.

It’s shatter-proof, portable, and reusable as well! Buy it here.

Dog Shaming 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar

This gift is perfect for great laughs every day about the recipient’s love (and sometimes frustration) for dogs!

This calendar showcases different photos of dogs each day with funny and shameful stories providing comic relief and commiseration for dog lovers.

The 2020 calendar includes full-color tear-off pages with dates and holidays on them.

It also features a plastic easel backer for desk or tabletop display. Check it out here

Honey Badger #Dogbutt Adult Coloring Book

This hilarious coloring book for adults includes pages of different dogs showing their cute butts!

Each page features different patterns that are fun to color with dogs looking from behind. Any adult dog lover will surely find the theme of this coloring book perfect!

The product has a silky matte finish cover design and the high-quality pages are perfect for all kinds of coloring and painting mediums. Check it out here.

A Dog’s Purpose Movie Date

Your gift to a dog lover doesn’t always have to be material! Rent a movie about a dog and watch it with them.

A Dog’s Purpose is a comedic drama about a dog who looks to discover his purpose by showing humans how to love and laugh. 

Be sure to prepare some snacks for this movie date! Rent or buy the movie here

Happy Giving!

We hope our gift guide for dog lovers has been helpful to you! We made sure each product is unique, fun, and perfect for every dog enthusiast out there.

Now you don’t have to worry about having to give your loved ones boring dog stuff again with these cute, quirky, and fun gifts for dog lovers! 

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