Why Is Hope For Paws So Popular and What Can You Do To Help?

Are you looking for a legitimate non-profit organization so you can help to save and protect animals? 

Hope for Paws is a fantastic organization that pours its heart and soul into rescuing animals and providing them with crucial medical treatments. 

Aside from performing some amazing rescue operations, they also provide spay and neutering services to prevent rescued animals from being euthanized.

Check out who Hope for Paws is, what they do, and what you can do to help the organization with this important cause.

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Who is Hope for Paws?

Hope for Paws is not your usual pet organization. It’s a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue organization. 

The registered organization rescues cats, dogs, and all types of animals they see on the streets. They also provide support for neglected and abused pets in households.

The organization performs these acts of kindness without gaining financial profit. They rely on donations and volunteers to keep the organization running and to be able to rescue more needy animals.

Hope for Paws is located in Los Angeles, where there is a large population of homeless, abused, and neglected animals, primarily dogs. 

But what makes Hope for Paws different from other non-profit animal rescue organizations is their ability to educate. Their team enjoys producing creative videos on YouTube and Facebook to let everyone know the importance of having a furry friend.

Hope for Paws also persuades viewers to adopt animals to help reduce euthanasia rates and other pet-related issues. 

The organization now has over 5 million YouTube subscribers, making it the world’s largest non-profit channel.

Why wouldn’t we all want to help people who save lives like these:

How Hope for Paws Started

Hope for Paws started with Eldad, the founder, whose passion was to volunteer in different pet rescue organizations. For eight years, he worked from charity to charity in Los Angeles to save animals and help them recover from medical issues.

Eldad was most interested in pets with medical conditions requiring extensive treatments. He also has a heart for donating to care for these animals and the new animals who arrive in shelters daily.

One stressful scenario led Eldad to start Hope for Paws. He figured he was becoming a burden to the organization where he worked.

He was experienced and passionate enough to run his own non-profit organization after being a volunteer for eight years. 

Before establishing Hope for Paws, he started a fundraising campaign for homeless, abused, and neglected animals. Many people supported him and they convinced him to start the organization.

Eldad did not spend much time deciding on his organization’s name. It only took him a few hours to come up with “Hope for Paws”. 

What Do Hope for Paws Do?

Hope for Paws helps save the lives of different animals in four ways.

Animal Rescues

The organization tries its best to attend to every call, email, and text message they receive about stray animals and neglected pets. They even receive messages from other countries about injured pets.

Hope for Paws rescues hundreds of animals inside and outside LA every year. They work with other shelters to provide more homes for needy furry friends.

Veterinary Care

Hope for Paws also ensures that every animal they rescue goes to a vet for evaluation and treatment. They must be clear from contagious diseases and have complete vaccines before being placed in the shelter, to ensure the safety of other animals.

The vet may also provide deworming, heartworm tests, spaying and neutering, and tick and flea treatment. This process is essential to reduce the chances of the rescued animals being euthanized in shelters. 

Animal Shelter

The organization is currently partnering with over 35 organizations in accepting abandoned and neglected animals after rescue and vet treatment. 

Hope for Paws even offers grants to animal adoption centers for dogs and cats who need medical treatment for any disease.

Spay and Neuter Clinics

Lastly, Hope for Paws donates money to spay and neuter clinics so that dogs and cats can get fixed without any cost. These services also help lower their chances of getting euthanized.

How Can You Help Hope for Paws?

  • Hope for Paws has a “donate” button on their website to allow you to send financial donations to help them. 

Your money goes directly into saving animals through veterinary care, rescue procedures, and producing more educational YouTube videos.

You can make a one-time donation, dedicate a gift, or become a member who pays monthly.

  • Or better still, adopt an animal and give one of their furry friends a forever home.
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch their rescue stories. The ad revenue they receive from their videos goes directly into their life saving efforts.
  • As part of Amazon Smile, Hope for Paws can receive a donation every time you buy something on Amazon. Find out more here.
  • Raise awareness about this important organization by following and sharing their stories on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Every Little Bit Helps

It’s great to see different organizations with unique causes and advocacies for dogs, cats, and other animals. 

Hope for Paws is one of the most successful of these organizations with a wide reach on Facebook and YouTube.

But despite its online presence, the non-profit organization still needs your help. Help Hope for Paws now so you can save more furry friends from being homeless and neglected.
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