Support Small Rescue Centers Like Canine Estates

Small rescue centers can make the most significant differences when it comes to animal rescue. Despite limited resources, their passion and courage keep them fighting for these furry friends’ lives.

Canine Estates, a non-profit animal sanctuary run by three retired sisters, is one of these organizations. 

Discover who Canine Estates is and their current advocacies. Then, choose from the many options you can help the non-profit organization.

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Canine Estates charity

Who are Canine Estates?

Canine Estates are a non-profit 401(c)(3) adoption and sanctuary facility in Palm Harbor, Florida. 

This tax-exempt organization is dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in their area that are abandoned, injured, and abused. 

They also rescue furry friends that are located in high-kill shelters. 

They do this by rehabilitating them and making sure they receive the best medical care possible. The dogs also stay in their temporary homes in the facility before being prepared for adoption.  

How Canine Estates Started

Canine Estates started as a retirement project of three sisters. Jayne Sidwell, Sybil Freeman, and Barbara Erskin founded the non-profit in 2012 because they wanted to “make a difference.”

According to Sidwell, “You get to a certain point in life where you don’t care about material things anymore.”

The three women grew up in a rural town in Alabama, where they developed their love for animals. Their role model was their mother, who was a sucker for displaced animals. 

Sidwell fought breast cancer, stepped away from the family business, and decided to lend a helping hand to animals like her mother did. 

Today, the sisters have 80 volunteers working with them to rescue these pups in need. 

But their love for animals is not enough. They know they need help to keep the dogs in their sanctuary safe and happy.

In fact, the expenses for the organization cost $20,000 a month. The sisters continue hosting events, fundraisers, and other projects that will help them save “one tail at a time.”

What Do Canine Estates Do?

Canine Estates is a sanctuary for dogs who were abused, neglected, and not accepted in shelters. 

There are currently over 30 dogs living in the house. Many may consider them “last-chance dogs” because of everything they’ve gone through throughout their lives. 

Some dogs became too old for their owners, while others were too temperamental or sick for their shelter.

Canine Estates quarantine each dog for ten days upon rescue, vaccinate them, and medicate when necessary.

Groomers also visit the site regularly, along with the vet technician who provides exceptional dog care. 

Canine Estates holds an annual flea market in February to raise funds. You can find out more here.

How Can You Help Canine Estates?


The best way to help Canine Estates is by adopting a dog from their sanctuary. Fill out an adoption application to inform the organization what you’re looking for in a dog.

Canine Estates usually holds the application until they find a suitable furry friend for you. 

There is an adoption fee, which is tax-deductible. Then, they provide items like harnesses, leads, beds, and blankets for your new pet.

They also microchip your new dog for safety and perform complete medical examinations. 


Canine Estates also relies on donations to care for all the homeless dogs in their sanctuary. They accept even the smallest amount because they know it will go a long way toward helping the animals.

You can make a donation with a credit card or PayPal. You can also send a check to Canine Estates

Your donation will help Canine Estates cover the costs of veterinary care given to all dogs. It includes vaccinations, heartworm testing, medication, flea prevention, fecal testing, and worming. 

If you live near Canine Estates and find a dog that needs help, you can surrender them to the organization. Fill out the online form before heading to the facility.


Another way to help the organization is by sponsoring a dog. You can donate $50 monthly, which will go directly to the animal of your choice. 


You can also help support Canine Estates when shopping for your pup at Wagtopia or Chewy. Canine Estates will receive a percentage of your purchase price. Or you can shop their wish lists and donate some items they really need.

Spread the Word

Canine Estates currently has enough volunteers. But you can still spread the word about their passion and excellence by following them on social media and telling your friends and family. 

Check out Canine Estates’ Instagram page and Facebook page now.

Join Events

Every now and then, Canine Estate hosts events such as their annual flea market . If you’re near their area, you can join their upcoming events.

Discover other organizations that fight for the same cause as Canine Estates. See which one your heart belongs to, and don’t miss out on an opportunity to help these animals in need.